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Green Bruges

There is no better place to switch to a healthier and more ecological lifestyle than Belgium! Take a look at Bruges and see why it’s a perfect place for your brand new “green” lifestyle!

Parks and green areas

There are a bunch of parks and other green areas both within the city itself and around it, as well. Bruges, being considered a city with a village feel to it, has a lot of greenery. And everyone tries to do their best to take care of the plants and gardens in the city.

Locals can often walk or cycle around the city, using its many available paths. Sometimes, however, it’s better to go off the human-built walkways and enjoy nature by taking the natural one. And trust me – you’ll see and discover a lot more!

Local recycling

Like most places in Europe, and especially in Belgium, Bruges has a simple yet highly efficient local recycling system. In some places, the trash bins are divided into sections based on the kind of trash you’re supposed to put into them – yellow for plastic, green for glass etc. In all European countries, the recycling colours are the same to avoid any confusion.

If you’re renting a place, there’s a very high probability that the trash bins are also separated into different kinds. A lot of landlords are expecting you to recycle, as well.

Bruges’ sustainability

Bruges often advertise itself by saying that sustainability is its central value and that the city is as ecological as it can be. Locals take this very seriously, as their strive to have their city as clean and tidy as it can get.

The rule is simple: if you want to live in a clean and nature-friendly place, take your part in making the place such – and the locals from Bruges definitely understand that! If you ever plan to move to Bruges, you need to understand it, too.

Be an example!

Of course, not all people of Bruges are perfect, especially not if it comes to ecology. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be an example for them! People tend to watch what their neighbours are doing a lot, so there’s nothing wrong with proving to them that living green is one of the best ways to live!