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How to find a job in France?

Once your move to France is behind you, you have to take care of a few things first. Your first goal should be to find a job since all French formalities can be taken based on your contract with your employer and pay stubs: from renting an apartment to opening a bank account. So, how do you find a job in France?

Work in France: the French language

Are you wondering how to find a job in France? Well, the foundation is knowledge of the French language. Although it is not a requirement for every job, it is worth knowing how to speak it. Knowing the French language will not only make it easier to communicate with the French, including potential employers but will also broaden your professional horizons. If you speak it fluently, you will surely be able to find a job faster.

French is not everything, of course. Knowledge of any language is valued here, especially in corporations. So if you are fluent in English, Spanish, German, or Finnish – it will certainly be an asset.

Job opportunities in France

Looking for a job in France can sometimes be quite an arduous process, but certainly worth all the fuss. It’s a good idea to act on several levels simultaneously: browsing job listings on the Internet, asking your French friends if they know where to find vacancies, and even signing up with the Pôle Emploi – the employment office. Remember, too, that it’s a good idea to update or create a profile on Linkedin. It is very popular with French employers, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to have your portfolio on that website in French.

Motivation to find a job in France

Proper motivation is the foundation and key to a fruitful search. You have to remember why you are looking for a job in France and how important it is for you to find one. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results after a long time – the estimated time to find a job in France as an expat is about a year. However, this is a statistic that doesn’t have to apply to you – by following the above advice and, most importantly, honing your French, you can find a job in much less time. Good luck!