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How to get social security in Belgium after moving from the UK

One of the first things you have to do after moving to Belgium is to obtain a social security card. You have to register in Mutuelle (in French) or Ziekenfonds (in Dutch) to get social security in Belgium.

The Belgian health and social security system is managed by Mutuelles / Ziekenfonds. They will provide you with an SIS (Social Information System) card, a microchip card containing all your data.

You will need this SIS card every time you visit your doctor or pharmacist.

Both you and your employer must pay social and health security contributions through Mutuelles / Ziekenfonds. This amount is set by the Belgian Government.

Moving from the UK to Belgium – state pensions

The basic state pension of the UK is accepted in Belgium. If you live but have not worked in Belgium, you can apply for a state pension in the UK by contacting the International Pension Centre by telephone. But if you live and have worked in Belgium, you must apply for your UK state pension through the RVP-ONP or the Belgian National Pension Office (IPC). The application form will be in French, Dutch or German. Your application will be forwarded to the International Pension Centre (IPC).

Moving to Belgium receiving a British state pension

If you are a pensioner and are moving to Belgium from the UK, you should inform the IPC about changes in your situation. It will prevent problems with paying out your pension and make it easier to access healthcare in Belgium.

Moving from the UK – Belgian pension

Everyone in Belgium is entitled to a state pension, provided that they have worked for at least 30 years out of a standard 45-year career. The calculation takes into account the time spent in different countries. Note: retirement at the age of 60 is possible if you can prove that you have worked 35 years or more.

If you want to supplement your pension rights, contact the company that provides you with social or health security. If you have a life certificate from the UK, inform them immediately, otherwise, your benefits may be withheld.