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How to move from UK to Germany without work?

Many people prefer (or are forced for various reasons) to move to Germany, without the intention of working there, or without firstly finding work. It is not an impossible mission to move from the UK to Germany without work. You only need to have clear intentions about what you intend to do when you set foot on German land.

Moving to Germany – students

Foreigners who have completed their studies have up to 18 months to find a suitable job for themselves in case they want to stay in this country. About 54% of foreign graduates prefer to live and work in Germany after graduation. The British can easily stay in the country without even knowing German. They will, of course, have to learn the local language, but they will have no problem finishing their studies. They will also be able to find temporary work until they learn German.

Moving to Germany – family

A highly qualified worker who has already settled in Germany usually brings his family to Germany within a few months. Families who reunite with someone who already has a work visa in Germany can also obtain their right to work. They only have to follow the standard procedure to obtain a work permit.

EU citizens do not need a residence or work permit, nor do people from the European Economic Area. Citizens from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland do not need a work permit either. They can live and work in Germany without a visa because they are part of the free movement of workers. Such people only need a valid identity card or passport when moving from the United Kingdom to Germany. They also need to register in the region where they live in Germany.

Moving to Germany without speaking German

If you are a student and the education course is in English, you will not need German to study. The exams will also be in a language other than German if that is what you have chosen when you applied for the studies. However, Germans are used to talking to everyone in German. Even if the person in front of them knows English, the preferred language is local.

Finding a job in Germany without having to speak or write in German is also possible, especially if the company uses English as its primary language. However, this does not mean that you will feel very comfortable. Almost everyone around you will speak German, even after work. If you do not understand German at least on a basic level, you will miss a lot of important information.