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How to organise transport of fragile objects?

Moving to a new location is often connected with the transport of very fragile objects. So how can we organise safe transport so that nothing will be destroyed?

Packing itself determines whether all fragile objects will last the removal. Of course, we are not talking about random incidents (e.g. traffic accident, vehicle damage, etc.), but about the packing technique and materials used for it.

Preparation of fragile objects for transport

The first step in packing your objects is to choose the right box. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t be too big, because the free space inside – due to possible vibrations during transport – increases the risk of damage. Of course, it is not easy to find the perfect box size to create a packet, but the less free space, the better.

There is one more thing that is important when choosing boxes – they should be as thick as possible. If the material is too thin, it will quickly become susceptible to any dents, which can damage the box and the entire contents during transport. Besides, it is worth thinking about the bottom of each package to strengthen it by using a wide adhesive tape.

Before placing the objects in a box, each one should be wrapped in bubble wrap, for example, to neutralise the effects of vibrations and shocks. Another useful material is wrapping paper.

Quite difficult objects to transport are mirrors. This large and brittle surface is very susceptible to any scratches and greater damage. One way to decrease the risk is to apply adhesive tape in X-shape to the mirror. This will make it slightly more durable for shocks.

Regardless of the size of the box, there will always be free spaces between the placed objects to fill. The most popular option is the choice of package fillers, i.e. small pieces of polystyrene or foam. We don’t usually keep such material at home, of course, so if we want to save time, we can use sponges or newspapers as a substitute.  The important thing is to fill in the gaps.

In the case of packages and boxes with fragile and glass items, it is important to mark on the top that there are shock-prone objects inside – whether we transport them ourselves, or in cooperation with a removal company. It prevents boxes from being misplaced and objects from being broken up during handling or laying. There are special stickers with a clear message and sign, e.g. “Caution fragile!”.