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How to pack documents for moving?

The most common reason for relocating companies is their growth – expanding companies need a lot of space for their employees. However, moving a company is not a simple task, and how it will go is not always predictable. Those in charge of its organization work on the whole undertaking begins even two months before the planned event. One of the issues they must take care of are documents – their segregation, protection, and transportation. So how to take care of documents during the move?

Moving – segregation of documents

Any move requires good organization. The most important thing is the sequence of actions – before we start preparing our documents for transport, it’s worth going through them firstly and sorting them properly. That will avoid the chaos of searching for the necessary files at a later stage.

Start the work by separating the current sheets from those that can be destroyed. Many companies are in the habit of storing documents for many years – even though this is a good practice, in many cases, it results in the storage of irrelevant data that will not be useful at any stage of the company’s operation. So make sure that only those documents that matter will go to your new headquarters.

How to secure documents during the move?

Since anything can happen during a move, it is important to properly secure the documents that are being transported. The safest option is to use special containers dedicated to this kind of task. Most often, they are made of metal, so they are waterproof and show resistance to acids, alcohol, and other chemicals. Containers for documents can be lockable, which could prevent sensitive data from leaking outside the company’s perimeter. 

Many moving companies offer professional document transportation. That includes packing files into special containers – so you don’t have to worry about organizing them. Deciding to use this service your task already ends with the segregation of documents – the removal company will take care of the rest.