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How to secure a chest of drawers for transport and moving?

Transporting furniture, including a chest of drawers, should always be properly planned and secured, whether it’s a long-distance move or a short transport within the city.

What are the most important things to do before shipping a chest of drawers? How do you prepare it for transport and reduce the risk of damage? We will bring this topic a little closer and offer some tips that you can use.

Securing your chest of drawers for transport and moving

First, consider the different options for shipping your furniture. You can try to do it yourself, hire someone with a suitable car – a van – or look for a transport company that will arrange everything for you.

Also make sure your chest of drawers is properly protected. Wrap it in stretch foil or bubble wrap. A good option is also to buy some corner guards or polystyrene edges, for example, from one of the shops, e.g. homeware shops. This is not compulsory, but if you want to be particularly careful with the edges of your furniture, you should try it.

Think about how you want to transport your chest of drawers or other furniture: in one piece or broken up into several pieces? If you think that disassembling the furniture will result in less stability during transport and problems later on, it is better to leave everything in one piece.

If the furniture is too large and heavy, making it difficult to put in the car, it should be disassembled into several pieces, but very carefully. To do this:

remember to secure the drawers with tape so they don’t move during transport,

wrap all the parts and don’t forget the small parts,

wrap them in a film of your choice, e.g. bubble wrap,

place small decorative pieces in a box to separate them from the larger furniture pieces,

you need to be very careful with antiques – check the structure of the furniture to find the weakest parts and areas that may need extra protection.

How do you use foil to wrap, bubble inside or outside?

Typically, furniture is wrapped with bubble wrap, bubbles inwards and flat side out, although if for some reason bubbles get stuck on the items being protected, simply wrap them in a plastic bag first so that the bubbles don’t touch the surface of the furniture directly.