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Liege, the city to move to in Belgium

Liege, the city to move to in Belgium

Moving to a new city like Liege can be a wonderful new experience, but at the same time it can be overwhelming for some. How do you get started? What are the rules in the city? What can you do in Liege, Belgium? You can find the answers to these questions on our blog. This short but handy city overview will give you an insight into your potential new city of residence.

Liege, a historical town in Belgium

The birthplace of Charlemagne, Liege was the capital of the Episcopal principality from the 10th century, which formed an independent state for over eight centuries. This glorious past has left Liege with an exceptional heritage of buildings. The Prince-Bishop’s Palace, the Curtius Palace, the Town Hall, the Perron, Saint-Paul Cathedral, Saint Martin Basilica and the collegiate churches of St-Jacques and St-Barthélemy are just a few examples.

The old districts of Liege invite you to stroll and explore, such as the famous Sunday market La Batte on the banks of the river Meuse. Discover the flavours of the region and its many gastronomic and festive surprises. After all, Christmas is not far away.

Spending time in Liege

Visit and move to Liege and discover its wealth of spas (Spa, Chaudfontaine), sports (Spa-Francorchamps Circuit, Standard Liege), landscapes (Gileppe Dam, Coteaux de la Citadelle in Liege, Fort in Huy, etc.), music and theatre. Plenty of opportunities to spend pleasant moments are waiting for you!

Moving in times of pandemic

For some daily activities, COVID-19 has caused difficulties. When the pandemic calms down, you will definitely be able to try out all the addresses above. Ask in advance what is open. Also find out how moving to Liege during the pandemic works.

International and local removals

If you decide to move to Liege, be sure to browse our blog and find out what to expect when moving to a particular country. In other posts, you will find out what documents you need where, what you need to arrange and what life in the city is like after your move.