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Moving from England to Germany – how to learn German?

Moving from England to Germany does not require urgent learning of German, but it can be very useful. How to learn it in a short time?

The best way to learn a new language is to get to know the society and to build relations with the locals or inhabitants of this country. The official language in Germany is German.

Moving from England to Germany – learning German

Many Germans can speak English, especially in large cities such as Munich, where many people migrated. However, in order to speak German fluently, the first step is to communicate and interact with the locals. In this way, you will develop and learn to understand the new language better.

If you are moving from England to Germany and want to learn German, the first step may be to check various schools in Germany where you can learn German, including Humboldt-Institut based in Ratzenried (Baden-Württemberg); Goethe Institut with course locations in different regions such as Berlin, Bonn, Bremen, Hamburg, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Mannheim-Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Breisgau Freiburg, Göttingen, Schwäbisch Hall, and Munich. Depending on your knowledge of German you have to decide at which level you are – beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Removal from England to Germany – quick courses in schools

Most facilities offer intensive German courses, which usually last about 8 weeks for different levels of proficiency, other schools offer summer courses that last for the whole summer, and evening courses usually take place two or more evenings a week, depending on the facility.

Most of them offer a variety of cultural activities, including the German language course, to ensure a great experience during their stay in the country. Summer courses are very popular because there are different activities and excursions organized at the same time, which will interest students. These are often tours that show students historical places in Germany, i.e. the Brandenburg Gate and the Jewish Museum, the Wall Museum, and the Stasi Museum; excursions to the Reichstag (parliament building).

It is necessary to organize finances before removal from England to Germany. Moving to a new country is exciting, but you will need enough money to live there. You need to plan the costs of accommodation, food, transport and so on.

The price of a German course

Check also the costs of the courses, which vary depending on the duration of the course. For example, a 2-week German course can cost around 300 euros and a 10-week course can cost around 900 euros. Prices vary.

Learning German is a great advantage because the ability to speak this language will relieve the pressure of finding an English translator or someone with some knowledge of English. You will also communicate better and be confident when getting closer to the locals, engaging, and participating in public life.