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Moving from the UK to Germany, visa

Moving to Germany

If your friend is not a citizen of the European Union but wants to move to Germany and work there, he/she needs to apply for a visa for Germany. All visa applications should be made at the German Visa Application Centres. These are located in London or Manchester. The German Embassy, located in London, processes all applications.

Moving from the UK to Germany, visa for a non-EU citizen

How to apply for a visa:

You will need to find out more information about the jurisdiction of your country,

Selecting the most appropriate category for your visa – tourist visa, work visa, business visa, visa for minors and others,

Filling out an application form, which can be obtained from the Visa Application Centre,

Making an appointment to submit your application in person.

After submitting your visa application

Wait for the German Embassy in the UK to move until it is ready to make a decision on your visa. This process takes approximately 5 working days. However, it is worth reminding the embassy if there is no response after a few weeks of successfully applying for a visa.

Requirements for a work visa in Germany

Once you have moved to Germany you can apply for a work visa. A residence permit for the purpose of work is compulsory for people who are not citizens of one of the EU countries. The Foreigners Authority (Berlin Aliens Office) and the Employment Office in Germany will look at the application and determine whether they will issue the permit.

Required documents for a German work visa

Two application forms, fully completed with personal details,

Two passport photos,

Please note that Germany has specific requirements for these photos,

A valid passport,

Documentary proof of residence from the consulate where the application is made. (As a rule, a utility bill is sufficient),

A visa fee of 60 euros must be paid and copies of all the above-mentioned documents must be submitted. You must also be insured with travel health insurance.

How long does it take to get a German visa?

There is no rule about the approximate time for obtaining a visa. It is a complicated process that is very quick for some and takes much longer for others.

Just keep track of your progress and see how long you have to wait until your German visa is ready. Once you have been notified that the document is ready, go to your local Passport Collection Centre and collect your documents.

German work visa

The German Jobseeker Visa is another document that immigrants try to get as soon as possible, for example after moving from the UK to Germany. It is basically a long term residence permit and gives its holder 6 months to stay in the country looking for work.

If someone with a jobseeker’s visa takes up work during this period, they will be granted a work permit. It allows for residence and further permission to work.

A jobseeker’s visa does not in itself give permission to work in Germany. It only gives you permission to stay in the country and look for work. You must obtain a work visa after a successful interview and officially sign a work contract.