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Moving from UK to Belgium – living in big cities

Belgium is a small country, but do not be deceived by its small size, because this place has a lot to offer to a potential emigrant.

It is a great place to live and move around, especially as English is often spoken there. Apart from that, there are many interesting Belgian cities that you will love.

Moving from UK to Belgium – life in big cities

Belgium is divided into two ethnic regions – French-speaking Wallonia and Dutch-speaking Flanders. A line (east-west) divides them in half, south of Brussels, which is a separate bilingual region (the official languages are Dutch and French). Many people there also speak English. Although this is a political issue for Belgians, for emigrants and travellers it does not matter much.

So don’t think about politics and focus more on the rich culture, beautiful Belgian places, big cities and historical locations which you will find everywhere. Visit Brussels, the self-proclaimed European capital, which is the headquarters of NATO and the European Union. There are wonderful masterpieces in art galleries and museums, including the still popular dinosaur exhibition – a great attraction for children and adults. Belgium also has an excellent reputation for delicious dishes and drinks. Beer, chocolate, sausages and waffles seem to be everywhere.

If you want to emigrate from the UK to Belgium, one of the most important things you should think about is which part of the country would be the best for you. Would it be easier to speak French? Do you want to be involved in large migrant communities or do you prefer to stay in the countryside? Fortunately, there are many great Belgian cities to choose from.

Moving from UK to Belgium – Brussels, Antwerp, Gent

Brussels is indeed one of the places in Europe that need to be seen. Thanks to its central location, Brussels can be conveniently reached by high-speed train or plane from nearby countries. The place is regarded as an international metropolis. Brussels is a real mosaic of cultures, traditions and languages.

Antwerp – there are large populations of American and British families, and there are many international schools and universities, not to mention many English-speaking associations and clubs. Besides, most Flemish speakers also speak English, so the place is very attractive to live in, especially if your language skills are limited and you are a social person.

Gent is usually considered to be the greatest and most beautiful city in Belgium. The most famous place for potential emigrants is Muinparkwijk because of its inexpensive houses, as well as Coupure and gardens with many old houses, near the breathtaking beautiful river.

Moving from UK to Belgium – Genval, Liege

Genval – this municipality just outside the Brussels region is a good village to live in. It is a French-speaking municipality in the ‘Flemish belt’. However, living by the lake is expensive because of its five-star standard, water sports facilities and a Geneva style waterfall. You can reach the centre of Brussels in just twenty minutes by train from Genval, so it is a perfect place for commuting.

Liege is the largest city in the French-speaking sector. There are a large number of excellent residential buildings in the city centre. Also, immigrants and students often gather in the streets and boulevards, which ensures a quite active social life in Belgium. The city is known for its diverse nightlife and folk festivals. There is a maze of “medieval” streets with several unusual shops.

These are just some of the most popular locations for emigrants. If you plan to live in Belgium, consider the above-mentioned places. They deserve to be included in the list of potential places where you can start a new life.