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Moving from UK to Belgium – social life and entertainment

Are you moving from the UK to Belgium? What is your new country known for, and what should you expect?

Belgium known worldwide for its beer, mussels and, of course, Jean-Claude Van Damme, is located at the crossroads of Western Europe, surrounded by the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France.

Full of incredible hidden treasures, Belgium is home to magnificent architectural wonders and vibrant and charming cities, where you can fully experience and enjoy Europe at its best. If you’re a foreigner who has just moved from the UK to live in Belgium, you’ll find good entertainment here.

Social life in Belgium is fun, exciting and enjoyable. From exquisite beers to exotic music, Belgium has a lot to offer to make your life even more enjoyable, with a lot of entertainment. There are many exciting things to do in Belgium, once you have experienced some of them, you can certainly say that social life in Belgium is amazing.

Moving from UK to Belgium – excellent beer

Belgium is famous for this beverage, so if beer is your kind of beverage, do not forget to visit Cantillion and try their delicious beers. There you can learn all about how Belgian beer is made and why it is so special.

Moving from UK to Belgium – Ardennes and Bruges

If you like adventures and you are looking for outdoor activities in Belgium, the Ardennes will be the perfect place for cycling and hiking. When you visit this place, whether you are alone or with friends, you will enjoy many well-marked trails. Ardennes is a region of mixed forests, where you can see the rich nature of the whole region. You can also visit attractive small villages and natural caves, some of which are quite deep. There are also animal parks, which are perfect for children.

The beautiful Ourthe River offers fishing and various water attractions. While canoes are the most popular, we have seen car tyres, seats and other strange things floating next to them.

Bruges is a beautiful place, ideal for short or long walks. The city offers architectural wonders from the Middle Ages and also a fascinating historical background that will take you back to the past. If you want to discover the true beauty of the city, take a boat ride on the numerous waterways and find time to discover its hidden treasures.

Moving from UK to Belgium – enjoy the nightlife in bars

If you are looking for great nightlife in the country, there are many bars and pubs and nightclubs in Belgium. Unlike some other countries in Europe, nightclubs, cafés and pubs in Belgium remain open even until the morning. You will find good food in many restaurants, although eating out is not cheap. Concerts, theatres and cinema are easily accessible.

Many young people are interested in keeping themselves healthy, so sports facilities are generally in good condition. You will see people running around the streets and parks in the cities. On some weekends in the summer, the police close local roads for cars and everyone rides a bike or walks where cars and trucks predominate. Then everyone gathers up for waffles and beer, often accompanied by the sound of local musicians.

Whether you like nature, art, fashion or only enjoy exploring, Belgium is a great place to visit or live. Who said Belgium is boring? Whether you’re a foreigner, visitor or tourist, there are many things to do and have fun in Belgium. Social life in Belgium is both pleasant and exciting!