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Moving from UK to Netherlands – social life

Life in the Benelux countries is very rich and interesting. Moving from the UK to the Netherlands can, therefore, become a nice change in social life.

Moving from UK to Netherlands – social life

Of course, it is very interesting to look at someone’s social life. In the Netherlands, you don’t even have to look through a keyhole, because the curtains are usually wide open. So you can look at someone’s house shamelessly. This is a sign that most people in the Netherlands are very open. It is said that this Dutch habit is an outgrowth of Calvinism. Honest citizens have nothing to hide, so if they have open curtains, you know for sure that they are honest.

After a removal, from the UK to the Netherlands you will have many opportunities to start a social life. The Dutch are generally open, talkative and like meeting new people. The second language they learn at school is English. The Dutch should also understand you and help you when you are in need. Finding a hobby or an interest group should not be difficult.  Dutch cultural and social life is rich and diverse, with influential artists and writers, many museums, lots of bars, restaurants and clubs.

Sports are very popular there – especially cycling, but also water sports, football, running (the country is flat), golf, athletics, and ice-skating in winter. Everyone in the Netherlands has one (or more) motorbikes or scooters. If you are looking for a new sports club, there are many possibilities.

Moving from UK to Netherlands – Dutch language

Learning this language will be the most difficult part of your social life. Grammar is quite difficult to understand and has many words explaining only one thing. If you are open and talkative, you will learn it quickly. Remember that almost all Dutch people understand English.

The tourist information centres provide a lot of information about the places you visit, and in the local library, you will find detailed information about culture – theatre, music, art and exhibitions. The ten best cities in the Netherlands are Amsterdam (capital city), The Hague, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, Haarlem, Breda, Den Bosch and Delft.

Moving from UK to Netherlands – nightlife and family life

The Netherlands are known for their nightlife – you can find almost anything there. The best days for a night out are Thursday (students) and weekend. Some places are even open on Mondays.

Social and family life are at a good level in the Netherlands, people know how to have fun and usually warmly welcome visitors. We meet our neighbours by inviting them or going to an event for newcomers. The social life in the Netherlands is rich and exciting. Everyone will find there something for themselves.