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Moving in the rain

Moving is usually not a whim. You probably chose a date many weeks in advance and you are at the mercy of the weather.

If the weather forecast suggests bad weather, you will want to take extra precaution to make the process faster.

Here are 10 tips and tricks to make removal in the rain much easier.

Moving – check the weather forecast

If there is one thing that can change faster than the weather, it is its forecast. If the weather forecast predicts sunny weather a week earlier, check it again later – the weather may change.

Buy rubbish bags before you remove them

Large rubbish bags are a gift from heaven if it rains when you remove. With minimal preparation and minimum cost, your belongings can become “waterproof”.

Wrap absolutely everything

With all the tedious packing for removal, it’s easy to get a bit lazy and only wrap only important boxes. But, likely, that the less important ones that you open last in your new home will be “harmed”. If you let the water get inside, you will find only a mouldy mess when you unpack them.

A simple solution? Wrap everything. This way, no matter what you open last, everything will be in perfect condition.

Protect your floors

Whether it is your new or old house, rainy weather usually means walking in rain and mud. If you have any towels left that you haven’t used to wrap glassware, leaving a few at each door can for example protect the floors.

Shorten the transfer distance

Rain does not matter when you are in the vehicle or when you pack the boxes inside the room. But when you move furniture in the rain, it can cause havoc. If the van can drive up to the door (or even into the garage), this will reduce the time your items are exposed to bad weather.

Give priority to the most important items when moving

Start planning inside the building, which elements should be loaded first. Try to organise everything so that you spend as little time as possible moving things in the transport vehicle.