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Moving to Antwerp, prices in the city

Moving to Antwerp, prices in the city

Moving to Antwerp is fairly convenient as the city is close to the Dutch border. This is one of the reasons why Dutch people easily decide to move to Antwerp. The job market in Antwerp offers many opportunities for work. First of all, there are many jobs in the industrial sector. As Antwerp is a port city, jobs in the port sector are at your fingertips. You will also find a lot of craft work there. You can also think about working in the diamond sector, for which Antwerp is famous.

House prices

Houses in Belgium are quite cheap, certainly cheaper than in the nearby Netherlands. In fact, houses in Antwerp have become about cheaper over the last few years. Compared to Dutch cities such as Rotterdam or Amsterdam, Antwerp is much cheaper. Thanks to the low prices and the beautiful city, people are still coming to Antwerp, even though fewer Dutch people are moving there because of the crisis. Now that the crisis is over, more and more people are moving from the Netherlands to Antwerp.

Costs of moving to Antwerp

The average cost of moving to Belgium is between 1,500 and 4,000 euros. This amount applies to all areas of Belgium, but Antwerp is closer to the Netherlands than Brussels, for example. For this reason, moving to Antwerp varies between €1,500 and €3,000. This depends on the amount of belongings to be transported and the distance from the place of moving out to the place of moving in.

Cost of living in Antwerp

Antwerp is very similar to other Dutch cities, although prices are much cheaper. If you are wondering what the prices are in Antwerp, here is a comparison between Amsterdam and Antwerp.

Products in Amsterdam and Antwerp

  • a meal in a restaurant: about 15,00 Euro,
  • milk 1 litre: 0.96, 0.86 euros,
  • cappuccino: 2.74, 2.54 euros,
  • bread 500 grams: 1.52, 1.59 euros,
  • potatoes 1 kg: 1.70, 1.44 euros,
  • apples 1 kg: 2.47, 1.89 euros,
  • beer 0.5 litre: 1.11, 1.04 euros,
  • public transport ticket: 2.90, 3.00 euros.

Living costs in Antwerp

Apart from the fact that in most everyday costs are lower than in other cities, rental prices are also much lower. Even if you are going to buy a house, you will find it cheaper in Antwerp and you will live in the city centre, as everywhere is close in this city. Below is an overview of flat rental prices.

Renting a flat Amsterdam and Antwerp

  • one-room flat in the centre 1354,24; 676,00 euros,
  • one-room flat outside the city centre 1037,96; 594,79 euros,
  • three-room flat in the city centre 2291.86; 1167.86 euros,
  • three-roomed flat outside centre 1540.95; 881.79 euros.

Moving house Antwerp

Moving to another city, or even country, is always a big stress, whether everything will go as we want it to. It’s a good idea to find out what documents we need before moving to a particular city or country. If you don’t have a huge car, it’s worth hiring a removal company that will take care of the transport of your luggage and furniture, and you can start your new start with peace of mind.