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Moving to Eindhoven

Eindhoven is a centre of high-tech industry and a resident of many modern businesses, like Philips or DAF Trucks. Therefore, numerous talented specialists move to Eindhoven.

About Eindhoven

As with other cities, moving to Eindhoven requires a lot of research and preparation. However, the relocation to this dynamic growing city can be less complicated if you have a specific job or university offer. Eindhoven welcomes new and skilled people from all over the world.

There are about 220,000 living in Eindhoven and this still-growing city is currently the fifth largest one in the Netherlands. About 30% of citizens are people of foreign origin. This municipality is located in the south of the Netherlands and has an area of 88.82 square kilometres. The whole region is historically Roman-Catholic however currently there are many different religions and ethnicities. The main spoken language in Eindhoven is Dutch but many citizens speak also English.

Eindhoven’s economy is still quickly growing because it’s becoming headquarter of more and more tech-based companies. There are also many economic initiatives related to high-tech and innovation. Additionally, Eindhoven is highly ranked in the Intelligent Community Forum’s list of intelligent societies.

Visas for the Netherlands

People of certain nationalities who want to enter the Netherlands and stay there for more than 90 days, need to apply for a Schengen visa. A list of those nations is on the Dutch government’s webpage. For longer stays, a residence permit is needed (Vergunning Tijdelijk Verblijf). People from EU/EEA countries or Switzerland do not need special visas or permits.

Those who want to stay for a prolonged period or permanently in the Netherlands need to register with the target municipality within five days after arrival. This step is crucial to be registered with the Municipal Personal Records Database. After that, an application for a permanent stay can be made later.

During registration, immigrants should give information about their situation, which includes i.a. their entitlement and family background. Besides, certain documentation will be required, such as a valid ID and a rental or purchase contract on a property in the Netherlands. A good idea is to collect all documents regarding the move and take them to the registration.

Weather in Eindhoven

The climate in Eindhoven is mild and humid. There is no dry season there; summers are quite warm, with temperatures over 20˚C.

In the cold season, temperatures usually do not fall below 0˚C. Rain and storms are very common in the region of this city.

So if you don’t like extreme temperatures and are looking for a job in one of the famous global companies, it’s a good idea to removal to Eindhoven!