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Moving to Essen

Essen is the ninth largest city in Germany. It is considered the energy capital of the country, as Essen is home to the headquarters of Germany’s two largest energy suppliers. Founded over a thousand years ago, Essen has a rich history, but its rise to prominence coincided with the industrial revolution, which brought coal and steel factories to the city. In the past, Essen has been awarded many notable titles, including European Capital of Culture and European Green Capital, which has added to its prestige. The city deserves credit for surviving the decline of its major industries and thriving.

Living in Essen

Is Essen a good place to live? Essen has everything you could need in a major European city. There are many reputable employers in the city, most of which are multinational corporations. There are many good schools, including universities, and the city has many green spaces. The overall character of the city makes it a good place to live.

Moving to Essen

It’s rare to find a modern city of huge size as a good place to live, but Essen proudly lays claim to that label. You’ll find out where the best places to live are, what pubs to visit and how much it costs to live in Essen, plus other essential facts if you’re planning a move to Essen. There are also places in Essen for tourists to visit throughout the year. If you choose not to live in Essen, you will at least be intrigued by this fascinating city.

Places to live in Essen after you move

If you are an expat planning to move to Essen, you will have to choose the neighbourhood you want to live in. There are good neighbourhoods and bad neighbourhoods, just like in any other city. There are many factors that determine whether a neighbourhood is good or bad, but safety is chief among them. Better neighbourhoods in Essen include places like Frillendorf, Kettwig, Werden, Ruttenscheid, Hauptbahnhof, Fischlaken, Bredeney, Schuir and Heidhausen. Worse neighbourhoods in Essen include Helenenstrasse, Altendorf, Vogelheim and Altenessen.