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Moving to Germany | Local support groups and associations for immigrants

| Anna |

Moving to Germany | Local support groups and associations for immigrants

Moving to another country, including Germany, can be a challenge, especially if you feel isolated from your culture, language and friends. Local support groups and associations for immigrants play a key role in helping new residents adapt, make contacts and understand their new environment.

Local support groups and associations for immigrants in Germany

Clubs for immigrants after moving to Germany

In German social culture, ‘Vereine’ (clubs) play an important role. There are clubs specifically for immigrants that offer a variety of activities, from social gatherings to language courses and cultural events.

Integration courses (“Integrationskurse”)

Offered by the German government, these courses consist of German language lessons and a segment on orientation to German culture and society.

Cultural centres for immigrants

In larger cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, there are cultural centres for different ethnic groups and nationalities. They can offer events, workshops and a meeting place for people with a similar background.

Organisations offering counselling for immigrants after moving to Germany

These are organisations that help immigrants with legal issues, vocational training, finding work or housing. An example is the “Migrationsberatung”.

Religious groups in Germany

Many migrants find support in churches or other places of worship that organise events specifically for the migrant community.

Online groups and forums

In the digital age, many immigrant communities are creating groups on social media platforms where they can exchange information, experiences or seek help on a specific issue.

Polish organisations and associations in Germany

If you are from Poland or are interested in the Polish community in Germany, there are many organisations such as Polish Integration Centres or Churches that offer support to Poles living in Germany.

Neighbourhood initiatives after moving to Germany

In some neighbourhoods, residents organise initiatives to help newcomers after their move, offering, for example, cooking together or information meetings.

Participating in these groups and associations can speed up the adaptation process, help you make new contacts and provide the necessary information and support for everyday life in Germany. If you feel overwhelmed by your new environment, remember that you are not alone and there are organisations that want to help you.