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Moving to Roosendaal

Roosendaal is a cosy town in the North Brabant province in the Netherlands. It was established in the 13th century and has a beautiful history which marks are still visible in the city.

With approximately 77,000 inhabitants, Roosendaal belongs to the 50 largest cities in the Netherlands. Even if this is not a big town, it has many things to offer. The history of Roosendaal goes back to 1266, but since 1510 was it an official independent parish. Throughout the years, the Christian religion has grown as an important part of this community. Several monasteries from the nineteenth century and church buildings that are sometimes a hundred years old are proof of this. The oldest church is the Antonius van Padua Church (1903). It was demolished in 1977, although you can still find its chapel on Brugstraat.

In the centre of Roosendaal, you will find several convenient shopping centres. De Biggelaar, Passage and Roselaar are the three most popular where you can get your groceries, presents for the neighbours and things for the house. There are also many shops on the Nieuwe Markt and Oude Markt. On Mondays (8.30 to 16.00) and Saturdays (8.30 to 15.00), Roosendaal is also busy with the weekly market.

As soon as you move to Roosendaal, you will experience a peaceful but pleasant life in the city. It is not crowded like Rotterdam or Amsterdam, but Roosendaal does have everything you need to live.

Removal and Living in Roosendaal

When you travel from Amsterdam to Brussels by intercity, Roosendaal is the last stop before crossing the Belgian border. By car, the A58 and A17 are easily accessible from the city, allowing you to drive quickly to other places in and outside Noord-Brabant, for example for work. The strategic location of the city ensures that Vlissingen, Rotterdam and Antwerp (three major ports in the area) are easy to reach. Because of this, the labour market in Roosendaal has been on the map for years. Various transport companies have established themselves there. And the same goes for the fashion industry: no less than 120 fashion shops can be found in Roosendaal!

You can live in peace in Roosendaal. For art lovers, the Museum Tongerlohuys (Molenstraat 2) is very interesting, but the parks in the city radiate peace. The Park Vrouwenhof has a Japanese bridge and a playground for the children. The Emile van Loon Park dates from 1884 and turns green with trees during the season. Besides, beautiful flowers grow along the footpaths. An ideal destination for your Sunday afternoon walk!

If you are moving to Roosendaal, you know that you will have to deal with the carnival, which is usually celebrated at the end of February. Roosendaal then suddenly changes into Tullepetaonestad, the name of the city during carnival. For three days, there is a big party in the city, which certainly suits Roosendaal, because, in the summer, there are also various festivals (Blommenkinders Festival and BlommenBlues Festival).

Living in Roosendaal is pleasant. You already know how does life look like in this city, now you just need to move there!