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Moving versus changing jobs. How to successfully combine relocation with new career opportunities?

| Anna |

Przeprowadzka a zmiana pracy. Jak skutecznie połączyć zmianę miejsca zamieszkania z nowymi możliwościami zawodowymi?

Moving and changing jobs are big life events that can be stressful, but also full of potential and opportunity. Here are some steps that can help you successfully combine the two.

Planning and preparing the move

Starting with a new job, do a thorough research on your new location. Find out where companies and institutions related to your industry are located and what career opportunities are there.

Updating CVs and online profiles

Update your CV with your latest experience and qualifications. Make sure your profiles on LinkedIn and other professional platforms are also up to date.


Contact people you know in your new location or in the industry you want to work in. This can help you gain valuable information and recommendations.

Job search

Start an active job search for a new position by using a variety of sources such as online advertisements, recruitment agencies, job fairs and company websites. You can also approach recruitment companies that specialise in your field to help you find a suitable position.

Matching the job offer to the new location

Choose jobs that best match your experience, skills and career goals. Read the job description and requirements carefully.

Preparing for interviews after the move

Prepare for interviews by honing your communication skills and preparing answers to typical recruitment questions. Try to highlight your experience and achievements that are relevant to the new position.

Flexibility and openness to change

Be flexible and open to new challenges. Moving and changing jobs may require adapting to new surroundings and different conditions.

Work-life balance

Remember to balance work and personal life, especially during the moving period. This can help to minimise stress.

Professional development after the move

Continue to develop your skills and qualifications to be competitive in the job market in your new home.

Patience and determination

The process of moving and finding a new job can be time-consuming and require patience. Don’t give up and stick to your career goals. Think through what your career goals are and what position you would like in your new job. This will help you identify suitable job opportunities.

Moving house and a new job

Remember that combining a move with new career opportunities is a challenge, but also a chance to grow and achieve new successes. Act systematically, be determined and open to new experiences and you will succeed in both areas.

Choosing a place to move to

Choosing a new place to live can be a key factor in your career opportunities. Make sure you choose a place that offers access to industries and companies that interest you. Also, pay attention to aspects such as cost of living, quality of life and availability of services.

Cultural adaptation in a new place

If you are moving to another region or country, you may need to adapt to a new business culture. Understanding local customs, business etiquette and values can help you build professional relationships and succeed in your new environment.


Building a strong network is key in the job search process. Be active in industry events, conferences and professional organisations to meet new people and make valuable professional contacts.

Considering a career change

Moving is also an opportunity to consider changing career paths or exploring new fields. There may be career opportunities in your new location that will allow you to develop in a completely different direction.

Change of industry after a move

If your current work experience is difficult to transform in your new home, you may want to consider learning new skills or gaining additional qualifications to help you adapt to the demands of the local labour market.

Use of external support

If you are unsure how best to combine a move with a new job, you may benefit from counselling or recruitment services. Professionals in this field can help you identify suitable career opportunities and tailor your efforts to your specific situation.

Maintaining a positive attitude

Moving and changing jobs can be challenging, but also exciting. Maintaining a positive attitude, being flexible and open to new challenges can help you succeed in both areas.

Stress management

Moving house and changing jobs can generate stress. It is worth investing time in stress management techniques such as meditation, yoga, sport or regular physical activity to maintain mental and physical health.

Career after the move

Remember that moving and changing jobs is an opportunity to grow and achieve new goals. Try to be flexible, proactive and open to new opportunities and you will be able to successfully combine the move with your new job and achieve success in your career and personal life.