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Moving with plants? It is possible

Are you a fan of plants and you are about to move? Then you will have to pack your plants with the same care and precision as your favourite champagne glasses. To avoid crying, check out the useful list of tips for the removal with plants.

Removal – plant preparation

The preparation of plants is crucial when moving them into a new house. It will reduce the fall of dead leaves and branches during transport, making the process of moving from home to home much more orderly. Pruning also contributes to growth, so you will also help your plants to regenerate. You should also remove any weeds and dust at this stage.

Moving with plants – replanting into plastic pots

Replanting is much less tiring. Moreover, it allows to wrapping the pots with protective materials so that they do not break during transport. If you can’t afford to spend extra money on more pots, you can use fabrics to support the roots of your plants while moving into your new house.

Check your plants for insects and parasites

Learn more about preventing parasites before you leave your old house. Treating plants for insects and diseases will minimise the risk of bringing these parasites into your new house or transferring them to other plants when all of them will be in the back of a driving van.

Do not give your plants water

Whether you are moving with your plants during hot or cold weather, the rule remains the same: do not water your plants before removal.

Keeping water in the soil will add a lot of weight and increase the risk of damage to both the plants and other objects being moved to your new house. Water can also spill over into other things.

Moving plants in winter mean you won’t have to worry that they will dry out so easy – just keep them warm and dry so they are not exposed to cold. When you arrive in your new home, you can water your plants as often as you like.

Moving plants planted in the ground? Dig them out as late as possible – ideally on the day of the removal.

Removal with plants – place plants in moving boxes

Moving boxes provide excellent plant protection during transport. Placing plants in the moving box will protect their bases and delicate roots from damage. When transporting plants you do not have to buy special boxes: just make sure that your moving box is strong enough to support their weight.

Connect the branches

Once the plants are in mobile boxes, reduce the risk of damage even more by connecting the branches. It is usually only required for larger plants, such as potted fruit trees. You can also wrap the whole plant in an old sheet or jute to keep it safe.

Growing plants of any kind is work with love – and you don’t have to give up on that love when you move.