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Reasons why student life in Cologne is great

Along with Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, Cologne is the largest city in Germany. But that’s not the only reason why students flock to this metropolis of almost a million people year after year. Because life in Cologne is always a little more colourful, a little more crazy and a little more flashy.
Whether it’s music, sports or art, you won’t find anything in Cologne that isn’t there. With all the hype, you might be worried that you’ll quickly get lost as a student. But that’s not the case. The old residents of Cologne still lovingly call the city their village to this day. So for whatever reason you’re thinking of moving to Cologne, whether it’s to study, work or make new friends, this could be one of your best ideas!

A degree in Cologne

You can start your studies at any university, or you can move to Cologne for a bachelor’s degree or, at the latest, a master’s degree. The University of Cologne is as one of the oldest universities in Europe, so in addition to your degree, you’ll get a good reputation.

Cologne, the fair city

When it comes to trade fairs, Cologne sets new standards, with around 80 trade fair events taking place every year, attracting more than 2.6 million visitors from over 200 countries. Whether they are smaller specialist trade fairs or well-known big brands like FIBO. Every month, new offers attract visitors to Cologne.
Does this interest you as a student It should! Trade fairs are one of the most important opportunities to convince interesting employers and make first contacts. This will save you an application marathon after graduation, and you will receive invitations for interviews directly at home. The fair is also a great way to fatten up your little piggy bank, for example with a job as a promoter.\

Studying in Cologne

Unlike some smaller student cities, in Cologne you don’t have to worry about finding the right course of study for you. Technology enthusiasts will find the right course of study at TH Köln, artistically gifted students will find themselves at the Hochschule für Musik und Kunst (University of Music and Art), and sports fans will run to the Deutsche Sportschule (German Sports School) to complete their bachelor’s or master’s degree.
Alongside these four universities is, of course, the University of Cologne. Particularly well-known fields of study, such as law or economics, enjoy a very good reputation here. A special feature of Cologne’s university landscape is its student counselling services. Both prospective students and those already enrolled have the opportunity to discuss their visions and career goals with specialist staff. In this way, nothing can go wrong when choosing the right course of study.

The city’s attractions

There is so much going on in Cologne that some students wish they had a quiet night to study. The Cologne Carnival, the Cologne Lights, the long nights at cultural institutions, or the numerous Christmas markets once a year. It takes a lot of self-control not to fall asleep at your desk.
But it is not only these regular events that attract tourists to the city. Many mega-events have already put Cologne in a state of emergency, whether it’s the Handball World Cup or World Youth Day, there’s always plenty to admire away from your studies.

Life and communication

Let’s face it, as a student in Germany’s big cities, it’s increasingly difficult to find affordable accommodation that doesn’t deserve to be called a hole. However, with a positive attitude and staying power, you still have the chance to find a place to live in one of the more popular parts of the city.
However, depending on the location and proximity to universities, rents are high. For those who want their piggy bank to stay thick and round, the other side of the Rhine is recommended. Mülheim or Kalk are also good places to live.
With a semester ticket and an excellent public transport system, you can get to anywhere in the city in no time.

Places to relax in Cologne

In the hustle and bustle of the big city with its many events, sometimes you just need a break to get back to studying with full motivation. Thanks to the many parks and green spaces, you can do just that – at least in the warm seasons.
Be it for a picnic, a spontaneous game of volleyball or a cosy barbecue. In Cologne, there is always the opportunity to relax with other students.

Studying in Germany’s oldest city

Cologne may not be the oldest city, but it is the oldest of the big cities in Germany. There you can admire Roman cultural assets such as the Praetorium or the mosaic of Dionysus, or dine between the medieval city gates. Walking along the banks of the Rhine and admiring the historical scenery is always a popular activity for Cologne students.

Working while studying in Cologne

Most students have to work during their studies. It doesn’t matter if you just want to earn some extra money during your bachelor’s or master’s studies, or if you want to start working directly as an intern. Assistants are always in demand in many different fields.
But even if you are studying economics or engineering, there are many doors waiting for you in Cologne. In the Rhine-Main region, the financial and automobile industry is booming, which offers many employment opportunities not only during your studies.

Cologne Carnival

The Cologne Carnival is certainly the reason why student life in Cologne is simply wonderful. At least once a year. The famous “5th season” puts Cologne in a state of emergency every year, which is always a welcome break from studying.
And if all the hustle and bustle gets on your nerves, just take the train. A moment’s drive and you’ve got your peace back.

Moving to Cologne

If you’re planning a move and you’re a student, looking for a job or just enjoy a fun and vibrant city, pack your bags, hire a removal company and enjoy your new life in this attractive in many ways city in Germany.