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Removal from UK to Netherlands – what’s first?

Relocation to another country can be very cumbersome. With some tips, moving from the UK to the Netherlands can be an adventure you will never forget.

Can you learn Dutch? How difficult will it be to find a home there? Will you feel at home there? These are some concerns that arise.

Removal – language in Netherlands

When it comes to language, you don’t have to worry. Even though the main language in the Netherlands is Dutch, most people speak English and understand it well enough to have a conversation. In larger cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, you will have no problems finding people who speak English.

Finding a flat after removal from UK to Netherlands

If you have a limited budget, finding an affordable flat in the Netherlands can be challenging. Depending on the location, there may be a waiting list for rent-controlled flats and tenement houses. The demand for rental flats is very high because housing corporations cannot charge more fees than the maximum amount allowed by law. Especially in big cities like Amsterdam, The Hague or Rotterdam, the minimum waiting time for a rent-controlled house is 5 to 10 years, or even more.

If you want to stay in this country for at least as many years after removal from the UK to the Netherlands and your income does not exceed 22,700 euros (or 30,825 euros in combination with your partner’s income), registering for controlled rent can be a wise move. Rent control in the Netherlands is carried out by Belastingdienst (the Dutch version of the US tax office). People on lower incomes can apply for a benefit, which is like a subsidy to cover rental costs.

If you do not plan to become a Dutch citizen or do not want to stay there for too long, the best option to find a home is to use the services of a real estate agent, a certified rental agent or an immigrant housing corporation. The downside to the first option is that it costs much more money because you will have to pay a very high commission to the real estate agent, which is usually three or four times the total rent. To find real estate agents/certified rental agents in your area, use Google’s search engine to do this by typing in the name of the city you are moving to and then “verhuurmakelaar”, or “expat housing” (flat for emigrants).

Another great option is the Pararius website and application. There you will be able to find most of the houses that are currently available via real estate agents and certified rental agents.