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Removal: self-packing or with professionals?

| Monika Kraska |

Possession packing is an integral part of any move. It is also one of the most time-consuming stages of the entire process – it can take up to several days before we pack all the furniture, equipment, and items. There are two options: take care of everything by ourselves, or outsource the packing to a professional moving company. Which solution is more advantageous?

Self-packing during a move

Packing during a move is a rather complex process, but many people choose to carry it out themselves. The whole endeavor runs most smoothly if we have not accumulated many items in our previous apartment or if we already have experience in packing. Otherwise, we can lose a lot of valuable time and energy.

Self-packing requires, first of all, good organization. It is worth making a list of things we need to include in the whole process before proceeding. It’s also a good idea to get the right materials in which to pack our possessions, such as cardboard boxes and foils. It’s also important to remember to properly secure the equipment so that it doesn’t get damaged during transport.

Self-packing seemingly means saving money. However, if we count the total cost that we have to pay for the purchase of the right materials, and add the time spent on the whole undertaking, we will quickly come to the conclusion that this is not necessarily the best option.

Professional packing service

Every good moving company has in its offer a service for professional packing of property. This is a very convenient option, as the moving person gains confidence that all items belonging to him will be properly secured and prepared for transport.

The professionals can be responsible not only for packing but also for transporting and unloading the property. This is especially advantageous when there are really a lot of items and furniture, and we do not have a sufficiently large means of transportation. So, wanting to avoid unnecessary stress and damage as well as save your precious time, it is worth opting for professional packing during the removal.