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Removals from England to Poland, prices

Although Brexit is not the main reason, but Poles are increasingly returning from UK to Poland. What percentage of removals is the England to Poland direction and how much does this decision cost?

Removals from England to Poland

There is a definite difference between the orders of removal companies. Although five years ago the directions England – Poland and Poland – England were distributed more or less equally, now the advantage of returns from the UK is crushing. In 2019, only about 10% of moves represented a change of residence of Poles from the country on the Vistula to England.

Now the UK’s resignation from the European Union has added to this, which could prompt more people to return. How much of an impact Brexit has, however, we will see in time.

Over the past few years, the number of our compatriots in the UK has decreased by up to 80,000, although not all have chosen to travel to Poland. Some have moved to Germany and the Netherlands.

The total share of England in the European relocation of Poles is around 52%. There are far less of these decisions in the case of Germany, Holland, Ireland and France – the top destinations.

Moving within Europe – price

What is the cost of an international move? On average, Poles spend over 2200 PLN on moving home and returning home. This is an increase in costs compared to previous years, but forced by the inflation effect and the increase in prices of products and services. In the opposite direction, costs are generally similar.

England – Poland – the price of moving

At a similar level as the nationwide comparison, there is the average price of removals from England to Poland. In this case, the cost of the service associated with the transportation of things in 2019 was more or less 2300 zlotys. The weight range varies, and the average can reach even close to a tonne.

Return to Poland – reasons

As it turns out – Brexit is not the main reason why Poles decide to move. Often it is a longing for friends, acquaintances or family members. Even if you have friends in England, you simply don’t have the time to move across metropolitan areas and meet up more often, because the commute is too time-consuming. In some cases, loneliness causes depression. Poland is also a bit more often than before perceived as a place to earn good money, because some industries can raise their standards and are comparable to those abroad.