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Removals to Germany from the UK | What is worth knowing?

Move to Germany

Moving to another country is always a big change. Here are the things you should consider when moving from the UK to Germany.

Visas and documents for the move

After Brexit, UK citizens may need a visa to work or study in Germany. Check exactly what documents you need.

Registration of residence

In Germany, there is a requirement to register your place of residence within a week of removals. A visit to the Town Hall is one of the first things you need to do after moving.

Health insurance

Germany has compulsory health insurance. Make sure you have adequate insurance to cover your healthcare costs in Germany.

Knowing the language after you move

Germany has many different dialects and although many Germans speak English, understanding and speaking German can be very helpful.

Driving licence

If you have a UK driving licence, check whether you need to exchange it for a German one.

Taxes in a new country

Germany has a different tax system, so it’s good to understand how this will affect your income.

Moving with pets

If you are moving with pets, check what the regulations are for bringing pets into Germany.

Removal company

Planning your move and making sure everything is properly packed and prepared for transport is key to a successful move. This can include hiring a removal company, insuring your belongings and making sure you have everything you need for the first few days in your new place.


Consider opening a German bank account. This can make payments and financial transactions in Germany easier.

International relocation

Remember that every situation is different, so what will be important for you depends on your individual circumstances. These are just general guidelines and it is always worth consulting a professional advisor or consul.