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Moving with a pet – everything you need to know

| Monika Kraska |

Removals can be stressful – most people know this. Unfortunately, pets can react to the whole situation even more emotionally than their owners. Our pets find it difficult to leave the places they are used to, they also find it hard to adapt to the new environment. In the article below, we present a handful of tips that every pet owner should know before moving.

Safe transportation of your pet during the move

The first step to a successful move with your pet is to arrange a plan. Decide when and how you will transport your pet. If possible, avoid moving in the middle of summer or during large events that can be noisy and crowded. Choose a safe day and time to move to your new home.

For the time of moving, your pet should be in a carrier, which will ensure an appropriate level of security and prevent escape. Be sure to take his favorite toys with you and also allow constant access to fresh water. That will reduce your pet’s discomfort and make the whole trip go without major complications.

Adapting your pet to the new environment

After the move, it is crucial to help your pet adapt to its new surroundings. Start by walking around the neighborhood and familiarizing your pet with the neighbors. For the first few nights, it is a good idea to prepare a kennel, cage, or another place where the animal will feel safe. At first, try to avoid moving your pet around the house – this can be stressful for him. The whole adaptation process should be slow and gradual. Remember that nothing by force – the animal must also have time to rest and play.

After moving to a new place, it is a good idea to stick to the previous daily schedule – meals, walks, playtime, and other activities should take place at the same times as in the old residence. That will save the animal unnecessary stress associated with a lot of changes.