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Restaurants in Bruges

Life in a city is not only work and doing things in your apartment. Life is way more than that, especially with so many exciting places to go to and see. Many places in Bruges have high ratings not without a reason, so why not check them out? Let’s take a look at the best of them.

Local cuisine

If it comes to local Belgian dishes, there are a lot of places to choose from in Bruges. One of the best-rated restaurants is ‘t Walpoortje, offering a wide variety of local food. Looking at the other highest-rated spots in the city, Chagall and Oud Handbogenhof are great places to eat. 

If you’re on a budget and looking for a bit cheaper but still high-quality meal, ‘t Zandkoekje is the place to be. It offers a bunch of Belgium-specific meals as well as some well-known Dutch, French, or other European food.

International cuisine

Bruges also have a lot of high-quality places to eat international food. From Japanese to Italian, you’ll find everything you want.

In terms of Italian restaurants and pizzerias, Au Gusto Wine & Dine, Pizzeria Da Vincenzo and Bella Italia Ristorante are one of the best restaurants in the city. In their offer, you’ll find a wide variety of Italian meals, mainly pasta dishes, famous Italian appetizers and, of course, different authentic Italian pizzas.

If you’re more of an Asian cuisine lover, don’t worry, you’ll find something for yourself. There’s also a variety if it comes to the origin of the cuisines – you can find Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Indian.

Cafés and bakeries

Cafés in Bruges are usually in rather timely buildings with a surprisingly high amount of history. Workers or local enthusiasts would be more than happy to tell you all the historical details!

Café Vlissinghe is one of the oldest cafes in Bruges, operating continuously since 1515. But it is far from the only place you can eat a light meal, dessert or drink your favourite kind of coffee. Li O Lait and Café Rose Red are other noteworthy places with a lot of personality and unique atmosphere to go with it.