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Transport of furniture during the removal. How to dismantle it?

Removal to another house is a huge challenge, especially if you also have furniture – beds, drawers and wardrobes.

Furniture can be bulky and difficult to maneuvre, which can make a removal a nightmare. However, there are some ways to make it much easier – for example, dismantling larger furniture.

Dismantling furniture before removing turns immobile objects into sets easy to use.

Tips for dismantling furniture by yourself before moving

  • You need a lot of ziplock bags

You will have to deal with dozens of screws and other elements. This can quickly become a torment and you can easily mix everything up unless you use ziplock bags. With the help of these small transparent bags, you can separate little pieces belonging to different furniture so that nothing gets lost or mixed up while removing. Have also a permanent marker at hand to name and organize each bag.

  • Find out which furniture can be dismantled for removal

Depending on how you transport your furniture, it is best to leave some elements assembled. Items such as dining room chairs are easy to stack or store under the table – eliminating the need to remove the legs.

  • Measure large furniture to make sure it fits in the truck

Fitting things to a truck is a difficult task. That is why it is important to know the values – the size of the truck’s storage space and the size of the furniture. Write down the values on paper and see if they match.

When planning the configuration of the furniture in the truck, start with solid items that cannot be dismantled – such as the bed base and mattress.

  • Get your tools together

When you start to dismantle your furniture for removal, you will not want to get up every few minutes looking for a new tool. Therefore, before you start, collect the tools you think you will need. This will give you more time for dismantling.

  • Read dismantling instructions

It can be difficult to dismantle furniture yourself, but if you have kept your furniture instructions, following them is the easiest and most effective way of dismantling. For those who do not have paper instructions, most of them can be found on the internet by searching for the brand name and model number. The instructions will also specify the required tools.

  • Find the dismantling points

Preparing furniture for removal does not mean that it has to be put back in boxes. All you have to do is dismantle them so that they can be moved. Sometimes this means focusing only on the most important points of dismantling – such as the point where the desk surface is attached to its legs.

Why should I dismantle furniture while moving?

Dismantling furniture may seem to be a great effort, but sometimes it is necessary to move without stress. The benefits make the whole process much easier.