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What is the best city in France to live in?

For many people, the first direction to move to another country is a large city, mainly due to the potential development it offers to a potential new resident. It is known, however, that each city offers something different, so you should carefully consider which one to choose for your new place of residence.


As the capital of the country, Paris has a lot to offer; from a wide shopping choice to an extremely complex public transport network. Due to the large number of tourists in the city, it has a very developed nightlife; bars, clubs, cafés, restaurants and any place where you can spend practically the whole evening or even the night.


Mainly known for its cuisine, Lyon is the perfect city for gourmets and anyone who would like to spread their wings in the gastronomic industry or simply expand their culinary delights.


The city is a paradise for all shoppers due to the number of shops and boutiques in the city, which is not limited to well-known brands and global chain stores. In Nice, you can also meet local sellers, people who sew their clothes on their own, and independent owners of small, intimate boutiques associated with France.


Toulouse is said to be the “pink city of France”, and this opinion was created for a reason. From the literal pink bricks of the city’s medieval buildings, which is its characteristic feature, to optimism seething from practically every corner. Toulouse is a city that likes to party, you can find a place full of life and energetic music at every turn. Toulouse is therefore an ideal city for energetic people who like to have fun, not only with alcohol.


Nantes is an ecological city, very nature-friendly, and conducts its policy in such a way as to maintain this state of affairs as long as possible. The city boasts over 1,000 hectares of green spaces; parks, gardens, bicycle routes and ordinary clearings. We can also find there a characteristic “green line”, thanks to which we can travel the entire city on foot or by bike, while viewing all the most famous attractions and curiosities of the city.


Since the city became the seat of important European institutions, the city has become the capital of successful people. If you are interested in your development, especially in a political direction, Strasbourg may be the perfect place for you. It offers a huge number of development paths in terms of politics and business, but also many places to rest after a hard day’s work – in the bosom of nature, exploring the historic areas of the city or in the city centre.