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What should you know before moving to Utrecht?

Utrecht is a city in the Netherlands with a long history, which is developing to an international business, education, and culture centre. Do you want to move to Utrecht? Here you will find basic information about this fascinating city!

Living in Utrecht

Utrecht is a truly international city, 170 nationalities are currently living there, and it was recently declared the second best city in the Netherlands concerning the quality of life.

Utrecht, with a population of more than 330,000 is the fourth most populated city in the Netherlands. In this city are great primary and secondary schools, as well as the biggest university in the Netherlands –

Utrecht University. Moreover, the rapidly growing infrastructure of businesses and transport connections are making it an attractive place for many people and their families.


The Netherlands is a member of the European Schengen area, so there are no passport controls for foreigners arriving from other Schengen zone countries. EU/EEA/Swiss citizens do not require a residence permit to live in the Netherlands, but these who want to stay longer than four months need to register with a local gemeente and get a Burger Service Nummer (BSN). They will additionally need Dutch health insurance.

Immigrants from EEA and Switzerland have an unlimited right to work in the Netherlands. Citizens from non-European countries need a residence permit (VVR), to live and work in the Netherlands. Firstly, they should request a provisional residence authorization (MVV). It should be done in advance because the process can last to 90 days. A sponsor (employer/university) often implements the application.

Citizens who have an EU blue card and have already lived in an EU country do not need an MVV.

Accommodation in Utrecht

Many Local newspapers publish properties in the area to buy and rent. Websites like or can be useful while searching for properties.

Popular neighbourhoods for immigrants close to the city centre and good transport connections are De Vechtstreek, Ijsselstei, Leidsche Rij and Nieuwegein. A one-bedroom apartment will cost at least 500 EUR per month, two bedrooms 800 EUR per month.

So remember to plan your removal to Utrecht well, to make it simple and effective.