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What should you know before you go to the Netherlands?

The country of tulips and windmills, the Netherlands, is at the forefront of the countries elected by Poles for profit. Higher wages and broader prospects are still a tempting alternative to working in the country. You can get a job if you are still in Poland, just as you can get a room or a flat. And this is the best option, because you never know how quickly you will find a place and a job, especially if you want to live in a big city and are looking for an ambitious job.

Moving alone does not have to be stressful and expensive. We give you a hint on how you can save money and how to do it painlessly.

Essential documents

Before you go a long way with your property, you need to get the most important papers, without that you will not be able to do without them and you will find it easier to find yourself there later on. The documents that are necessary are these:

– An identity card,

– driving licence,

– birth certificate,

– EHIC card,

– a certificate of no conviction.

Optionally, a passport can be taken instead of an identity card. And you have to think about an EHIC card a few weeks before you leave. You can apply for the European Health Insurance Card at NFZ branches and online. It entitles you to medical care in all countries in the European Economic Area. With an EHIC in the Netherlands, you have the same right to medical care as the Netherlands – except for medical services that are legally payable in that country.

The birth certificate and the certificate of cleanliness must be translated by a sworn translator. If you are moving with your whole family, then you should also think about your marriage certificate and the birth certificate of each child. They are essential when applying for social security benefits. You will also need proof of your education and work experience when looking for a job or changing jobs.

Where to look for savings?

Moving to the Netherlands is so popular that you have many opportunities to transport your assets and family. Some options are cheaper, others are more expensive, some are more comfortable and some are not very comfortable. The cost of moving to the Netherlands depends on how many things you intend to take with you. If it is just personal belongings, in the form of clothes, shoes, cosmetics, etc., the cheapest option is a bus to the Netherlands. Of course, bus prices vary, so it pays to take some time before you leave to find the cheapest carrier, but you do not lose any comfort.

The best option when moving is a door-to-door bus, so you will find yourself with your family exactly at the address indicated. You do not have to look for other means of transport or pay for a taxi. A bus door to door to the Netherlands will take you from the indicated address and because more people travel in the same direction, the ticket is not much more expensive than an international bus. Buses are small, comfortable, well equipped and comfortable.

Moving to the Netherlands with more luggage

Are you moving for a longer period of time, are you going to settle down in the tulip country permanently or at least for a few years? Do you want to take furniture, a bicycle (which is necessary in the Netherlands) or building materials with you to refresh your rented flat? In this case you will need the services of a transport company. This has its advantages, the staff will advise you on what to pack and how. And if something needs extra security, they will take care of it.

Moving to Holland with a professional company does not have to be expensive. As is the case with buses, it is necessary to compare prices and get to know the offer, especially with the cars that constitute the company’s fleet. Different types of cars mean lower costs for you, because the company will choose a car adapted to the transported goods.

How much money to start?

There is no rule and a lot depends on whether you are leaving alone or with your family, whether you already have a job on site, whether you have a rented flat, what area you will live in, a big city, a small town? The best option is to carry cash with you for 3 to 6 months. More should be carried by people who are going out in the dark, i.e. they are going to look for work on the spot. Before you pack your suitcases, be sure to check how much it will cost to live in the Netherlands, i.e. how much for rent, how much for the bills, how much basic food products cost. This will give you an estimate of how much money you need for three months or so. Cash in your wallet or in your account and documents are the most important elements of moving to the Netherlands.

Finally, if you still have some time, start learning Dutch. It is true that most people in the Netherlands speak English, but they do speak Dutch among themselves. You will find it easier to find your way around the basics!