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Why move to Ghent, Belgium?

Why move to Ghent Belgium?

Ghent has an area of over 150 km² and less than 250,000 inhabitants. The city is located in the Flemish part of Belgium. The city has an old part that is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Reasons to move to Ghent

There are many old houses and historic buildings in the city such as the Cathedral of Saint Bavo and the old port of Graslei. Not only do the things mentioned above make Ghent a beautiful place, but there are quite a few reasons to move there.

Ghent is a cultural city with countless galleries, museums and theaters. Ghent is the place of origin of many artists and it is no different today. Moreover, Ghent is a true student city. Ghent is home to Ghent University and several universities. Another reason to move to Ghent is the favorable Belgian tax climate. For this reason, you will find many Dutch expats in Ghent.

Living in Ghent

You have already learned that Ghent is a city rich in culture and history. Therefore, you will never be bored. For example, there is a poetry tour in the city of Ghent that attracts many tourists. Ghent also hosts many festivals and events. Gentse Feesten is a real fantasy, this event attracts two million people every year. This festival celebrates the fact that Ghent is a city rich in culture, music and theater. Ghent is a city of great diversity. It is a unique collection of streets, buildings and views. Although Ghent has a historic city center, modern dynamics can be felt everywhere. Ghent is constantly investing to make the city more attractive.

Places to move in Ghent

The Citadelpark district is located in the very south of Ghent. It is a green area and extremely suitable for a young family to live in. In addition to the famous Citadelpark, there are also numerous museums.

Graslei is trendy and innovative, its residents can meet on one of the many terraces along the river. There is a small medieval harbor in this district, surrounded by historic buildings. De Graslei is the beating heart of Ghent’s inner city.

Gravensteen is another impressive district. When you enter this district, you can imagine that you are in the Middle Ages. It is also the district where Charles V was born.

Working in Ghent

Ghent has a famous port and therefore this city attracts many international companies such as Volvo, Honda and Stora Enso. This offers attractive opportunities for expats in the technical sector. Expats can also easily find jobs in research and development as the city is home to Ghent University.

Moving to Ghent

Moving to Ghent is something that you will not regret. In Ghent, residents enjoy life every day. If you are thinking about moving to Ghent, you can also read other posts about moving to Belgium. Read our blog and see what our company has to offer for a smooth move to Ghent.