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10 reasons to move to Dresden, part 2

If you’re planning a move to Germany, it’s worth looking at a number of cities to find the right one for you. Whether you’re looking at job opportunities, education, or looking for something convenient for you and your family, or maybe you love animals and want to move with them, take a look at our blog to find out what you should know before moving to a particular city.

10 reasons to move to Dresden, part 1.

Life in Dresden at a low price

Between historic villa districts, impressive city buildings or cosy single-family homes in the countryside, everyone can find the right property to feel comfortable in at affordable rental prices. Dresden embodies one of the most beautiful European cityscapes. With 62% forest and green spaces, it is one of the greenest cities in Europe. Despite this, Dresden is well connected, has many shopping opportunities and a large job market. Rental prices are also very low compared to other large cities. For example, the average rent there is slightly 8 euros per square meter.

In comparison, the average rent in Munich is almost 20 €/m². In recent years, however, strong growth can also be observed in Dresden.

Recreation and sport in Dresden

The people of Dresden are always on the move and organise many festivals, parties and sporting events. The Dynamostadion Dresden and the hockey team Dresdner Eislöwen are well known. But the horse racing track, the climbing halls and the Dresden volleyball team also have a lot to offer. With almost 400 clubs, more than 100 sports disciplines, 2 stadiums, 188 sports halls and 10 outdoor swimming pools, Dresden offers all residents the opportunity to keep fit. The well-developed pathways also offer plenty of space for active recreation, whether on foot, by bike or on inline skates.

Apart from sporting events, Dresden is also known for the Striezelmarkt or the Film Nights on the banks of the Elbe. There is always something going on in Dresden!

The green city Dresden

As already mentioned, Dresden is one of the greenest cities in Europe. 62% of the city is covered with forests and green areas, making it bloom with colour. Whether on the Elbe Meadows, in the Great Garden or in other small parks, everywhere you can let your soul be carried away and feel like you are on holiday.

Dresden by night

Have you ever gone for a night walk on the slopes of the Elbe or looked down from one of the highest rooftops of the city on New Year’s Eve? If not, then you know what you need to do soon. The view is phenomenal and there is probably nothing more beautiful than gazing at the Dresden skyline or the Dresden bridges as they wind across the Elbe River at night. Everything is beautifully illuminated. It is also a great attraction for warm summer nights. If you are planning to move to Dresden check out these things to do before moving to Germany.

Do your shopping in Dresden’s shopping centres

In Altmarktgalerie, Centrumgalerie, on Prager Straße or around the Frauenkirche you can spend money in every possible shop. From jewellery to clothes to food stalls, you will find everything you are looking for there. These are the number 1 shopping places in Dresden. Of course, the city has many places where you can look at everything you need and cafes where you can enjoy a tasty coffee in between shopping.