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Best city in Belgium for students

In terms of universities and institutions of higher education, Belgium has a lot to offer. However, picking up the place for your future education is much more than just the university level. If you plan to move there, you need to know all the perks of living there. So, what is the best city for a student?


Brussels, often called “the capital of Europe”, is the perfect place for any student wanting to experience the European experience at its highest. People interested in administration and bureaucracy will easily find their place in Brussels, but its reputation is not limited to business and career. The capital of Belgium is also a prominent spot for Belgian nightlife, offering a lot of restaurants, clubs and bars.


Liège is Wallonia’s prominent cultural spot, making it a go-to place for any student interested in culture and history. You can find a wide range of museums, cultural attractions and, of course, one of the biggest educational hubs of Belgium. Liège is also the most extensive technological and digital centre for STEM and IT students to enjoy and polish their skills and knowledge.


Antwerp is a prominent place for students interested in all forms of art, fashion and culture. Antwerp is one of the European fashion capitals – the city is full of shops, boutiques and other places waiting for clients and fashion trendsetters. If your creativity extends to your style, Antwerp may be a place for you!


Ghent’s perfectly preserved architecture from different times attracts enthusiasts from all over the world. No matter your age, ethnicity and profession – you can find lots of information that interests you. Both the locals and the professors from universities will have a lot to say about every building or street you see. Ghent is also an important cultural and artistic place for many – so as an artist, you’ll find a lot to enjoy, no matter your skills.


Bruges is often called “the Venice of the North”, given its amazingly preserved architecture and culture. It also contains many theatres, cinemas and art galleries, proving itself to be one of the most prominent cultural places in modern-day Belgium.