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Moving to Liege

Moving to Liege

A beautiful, historic centre, smelling of hot waffles and meatballs. This is Liege! Known as the Walloon tourist city, but not the biggest. It is a relatively small city, but no less cosy.

Is it easy to get around Liege?

It certainly is! As the city is relatively small, it is easy to get around without a car. There are plenty of alternatives such as the bus, bicycle or electric scooter.

The city is small enough that you can easily walk to many places. Liege has the largest pedestrian zone in the Walloon Region and the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion. It was even one of the first European cities to implement a pedestrian plan.

How important is cleanliness in the city? 

Cleanliness has a high priority in Liege. Each household receives two bins: one for organic waste and one for general waste. These are collected and emptied every week. Each container is fitted with an electronic chip. This measures how many times each container is lifted and its weight. The less you produce, the less you pay.

Liege calls on its citizens to help improve the city. That’s why they created the app “Plus Belle La Vie”. With this app, you can quickly report a damaged lamppost, a fault on the road or illegal dumping of rubbish.

Is Liege environmentally friendly?

Zero waste and plastic, this is what the city is aiming for. Saving natural resources and energy, using less plastic and producing less waste. Rainwater tanks are also increasingly being used in households. Liege wants its residents and visitors to be more environmentally conscious.

Where is the best place to walk in Liege?

What could be better than a walk in nature? It provides fresh air and can greatly improve your mood. Take a beautiful walk in Boverie park or the open-air museum Sart Tilman. Discover street art in the city centre or go for a bike ride along the Meuse. It’s also worth knowing that there are a lot of stairs in Liege. They play an important role as connectors between different neighbourhoods.

Where to eat or drink the best coffee in Liege?

During the hustle and bustle of the day, a cup of coffee or tea can work wonders. Support local entrepreneurs and order your coffee outside. Or maybe you plan to have a drink with a small snack? Fragrances or Darius Café are the right place for any of the above cravings. Fancy some takeaway food? Get Your Mug or Addict Coffee are perfect for this.

Going out for dinner with friends or on a romantic date? There is a great choice of pubs in the city. Besides the typical flavours of Liege, the city also offers other culinary delights. Be sure to book a seat at Terra Terrea, Oggi Bistroteca or La Petite Epicerie. End the evening with a cocktail at Tiki B’Art or Le Volga.

Are there any interesting places to visit in Liege?

Boredom does not exist in Liege. Apart from shopping at Mediacité and Wattitude, there are many museums, cathedrals and architecture to admire. The train station is an architectural gem that is a must-see. And if you want to light a candle for a smooth move to Liege, you can do so at St Paul’s Cathedral. Be sure to also visit La Boverie museum, Archeoforum and the Curtius museum.