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Culture in Venlo, the perfect city for students

You can’t get enough of art and culture in Venlo. The locals are proud of their carnival tradition, the Vastelaovend, which turns the city into a colourful and joyful spectacle every year. As soon as the sun sets, every weekend you can dance, listen to music, eat and drink at Venlo’s numerous festivals.

Not only in the centre of Venlo, but also in other districts of the city there are great art and culture events.

Venlo’s nightlife

These days in Venlo you can party until late at night. But also during the week, when you need a break from books or studying, you can dance and have a beer in Venlo. Many pubs have special evenings and offers for students. Are you a pub nut, a 70’s lover, a party person or a serious talker? It doesn’t matter, there is a pub for everyone.

Sport in Venlo

Discover all kinds of sports in Venlo. Have fun, keep fit and meet new people! That’s what sport is for.

Tasty snacks

If you’ve had enough of another microwave meal or homemade food, there are plenty of places in Venlo where you can eat deliciously and inexpensively.

Eating overlooking the river Maas, on a terrace with lots of fun and people-watching, daytime meals for pennies, but also quick takeaway meals and chips. Venlo has it all, check out where, what you can find and what you can get.

Living in Venlo while studying

Studying in Venlo for many students also means living in Venlo. You will live in a cosy, lively city. Small enough to get everywhere by bike, but big enough to never get bored.

Many student houses in Venlo are in buildings with multiple rooms. This means a lot of fun, sharing the costs, but above all: making memories for the rest of your life!

Decorating your student flat

Want to decorate your student palace cheaply, but don’t want to buy everything from a well-known Swedish furniture giant? Don’t worry: Venlo is a great place to shop in second hand stores.

Venlo’s best festivals

In Venlo, everyone likes to party. Especially in summer, Venlo’s festival programme is bombarded with festivals. Check out the best free festivals in Venlo.

Film screenings

Venlo and film are a combination made perfectly. For example, did you know that directors Theu Boermans, Jim Taihuttu and Pieter Kuijpers are all from Venlo? Get inspired by Venlo film screenings and watch the most interesting ones today.

Museum in Venlo

From modern art to the cabinet of curiosities in Steyl, you’ll find several museums in and around Venlo that are absolutely worth a visit.

Moving to Venlo, formalities

All the ins and outs you need to know if you intend to live in Venlo. For example: how do you register with the municipality? And what is housing benefit and am I entitled to it? Read up on the Venlo Municipality website so you don’t forget anything.

Moving to Venlo

If you’re a student or love fun and entertainment, this city in the Netherlands is perfect for you. Move there and you won’t regret it.