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The best places to live in the Netherlands

If you are planning to move to the Netherlands and are not sure which town or village is right for you, check out our hints for the most popular regions in the Netherlands.

Netherlands – where to move to?

It is easy to see why people find it difficult to choose a particular place to live in the Netherlands. You can find a lot of interesting things literally everywhere – from tulip bike trails, iconic windmills and winding canals, to many cafés, bars and restaurants.

Where to live in the Netherlands if you have a family

Although there are many wonderful places to live with your family in the Netherlands, two of the most outstanding are Westerpark in Amsterdam and Ommoord/Zevenkamp in Rotterdam.

The former is particularly popular with migrant families. In this quiet area there are some of the best schools in the area, as well as many doorstop attractions such as shops, a swimming pool and a cinema, which provide entertainment for the whole family.

The latter is also popular, although much quieter compared to other neighbourhoods. You will find many child-friendly green areas and playgrounds. If you have to reach the city centre (about 20 minutes), you will find ideal transport links.

Where to live in the Netherlands if you are a student

Oud West in Amsterdam is an ideal location for students – with numerous cafés, restaurants, museums and shops. It is an ideal place to socialise and meet new people, while at the same time learning about local culture. As a result, there is a high demand for housing for emigrants here – especially as there are several beautiful parks and gardens hidden in the city centre.

Residence to work in the Netherlands

If work is high on the list of priorities when considering residence in the Netherlands, Nieuwegein in Utrecht is the perfect place to start. The thriving industrial park here offers many opportunities for job seekers – and you won’t even need a car, because the transport links here are very good.

Another advantage is the rich housing facilities, with the possibility of matching style and budget to almost every taste and standard. And as always in the Netherlands, you are never far from some local culture; Lksselstein is only ten minutes away.

Alternatively, you can focus on the Stadsdriehoek in Rotterdam. It is a modern, vibrant city with many shops, restaurants and museums, but also a central business district. House prices usually reflect the demand for housing in the city and although there is a mix of properties to suit all needs, it is important to be aware that there are limited parking spaces and permits are required for most of the spaces.

Where to live if you are retiring in the Netherlands

Maastricht, a town in the southernmost part of the country, is definitely a place to consider if you are wondering where to live in the Netherlands when you retire. Maastricht, a city with a rich history dating back to Roman times, has churches, monuments, several compulsory windmills and many cafés.

Maastricht is bordered by both Belgium and Germany, which makes it a perfect place if you want to spend long weekends exploring the neighbouring countries. House prices in Maastricht are usually slightly lower than in other parts of the Netherlands, which makes it a popular choice for many emigrants.

Where to live if you love living in the city

The Hague has one of the largest migrant communities in the Netherlands. If you decide to live here, you will not only have the Dutch parliament nearby, but also the Royal Picture Gallery and the Palace of the Dutch Royal Family. There are also several desirable streets and districts where you can find everything from fashionable restaurants and art galleries to boutiques, shops and lounges.

Where to live if you have a limited budget

If you are wondering which regions will not cost you a fortune, check out the Prinsenland reviews in Rotterdam. You will get all the benefits of being close to the city centre. This is a particularly great area for families with young children (there are some good international schools here) or students (Erasmus University Campus). Prinsenland is also a short distance from Rotterdam’s largest shopping centre, Alexandrium.