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Discover Bremen, a charming town in Germany

Yes, there’s a strong wind and you’ll need to unfurl your umbrella from time to time, but Bremen makes up for it with its cosy, maritime atmosphere and wins hearts.

Education and work in one city

In this beautiful Hanseatic city, the centre of commerce is located in the Technology Park, Bremen’s high-tech centre with more than 350 companies. Science and business come together here, so in terms of location this is of course brilliant, as you can simultaneously educate yourself in Bremen and quickly find a job in the industry.

Bremen, the city of cyclists

Do you like cycling? Then you’re in the right place, because Bremen was named “the most bike-friendly city with more than half a million inhabitants” by the ADFC in 2018. With buses and trains, you can quickly reach all important corners. Within a few minutes by bike or tram you can be in the centre of Bremen. Many beautiful townhouses await you there. Bremen is in a way a village, where everything is small and charming.

Culture and sights of Bremen

This beautiful city also has a lot to offer in terms of culture. Walking around the market square, you can admire the statue of Roland of Bremen and the town hall, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Along the way, you can also meet the city musicians of Bremen. No wonder we are in the top ten most visited cities in Germany.

When the rain comes, you can visit Universum, an interactive science museum, watch a film in Germany’s first art cinema or fill your belly with Bremen’s speciality, kale and spelt.

World travel at your fingertips

Travel enthusiasts will also be pleased to know that it is the only German city with an international airport just 10 minutes from the city centre. So if you’re moving to Bremen, you need to know that moving out will be very accessible by transport.