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Discover Charleroi in Belgium, from work to cultural events

Discover Charleroi in Belgium from work to cultural events

With around 200,000 inhabitants, Charleroi is the most populous municipality in Wallonia. Once an industrial and commercial city. It includes the districts of Couillet, Dampremy, Gilly, Gosselies, Goutroux, Jumet, Lodelinsart, Marchienne-au-Pont, Marcinelle, Monceau-sur-Sambre, Mont-sur-Marchienne, Montignies-sur-Sambre, Ransart and Roux. This cultural town is full of contrasts, with its historical heritage on the one hand and its modern appearance on the other. Charleroi est dynamic and fully committed to many mobility solutions, new commercial infrastructure and further development of the town. Originality is taken to a higher level there.

A dynamic city full of festivals

The festive calendar in the centre of Charleroi consists of five main events, which are called the “BIG FIVE” (“Big Five”) . Charleroi has the Carnival (in March), the Brocante des Quais (a large antiques and brocades market in June), the Quartier d’été (a summer festival with music, dance, theatre, drinks and good food in July and August), the Fêtes de Wallonie (the famous Walloon celebrations that commemorate the revolutionary days of September 1830) and the Christmas Village (in December). But beyond the big five, there’s always something to do in Charleroi. You can enjoy a drink on the quays and slag heaps, celebrate the Festival of Love (Fête de l’amour) or the International Seagull Festival (Fête Internationale de la Mouette), take part in the Bonjour de la pédale cycling event or the Carolorida running competition organised by Charleroi Running. All these initiatives appeal to people of all ages.

Services and facilities in Charleroi

In Charleroi, it’s easy to find all the shops in centrally located shopping centres such as “Rive Gauche” and “Ville 2”. But the city also has an eye for artisans, small estate shops, local production and the circular economy. On the banks of the Sambre River, for example, there is a manufactory with a small brewery, an artisan baker and a coffee roaster. Projects such as the Charleroi Métropole food network also ensure that everyone has access to local, seasonal, high-quality produce.

Transport in Charleroi

When it comes to mobility, all forms of public transport are available there. A network of buses, metros, trams and trains cover the entire territory, making getting around very easy. Charleroi airport is a short distance from the centre, which is also very bike-friendly.

Sport and recreation in the city

The municipality has a very wide range of sports facilities for both elite athletes and enthusiasts. There are leisure centres, sports halls, multi-purpose halls, swimming pools, a skate park, stadiums and various pitches for the most varied sports.

Education in Charleroi

Charleroi already has a very diverse and high quality educational offer and is definitely very developed when it comes to Universities. The city, the province, the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and UMons (Université de Mons) are working closely together to develop a new city campus.

Moving to Charleroi

The fact that Charleroi is expanding on all levels is certainly no surprise. The fact that investors are more convinced than ever is evidenced by the numerous property projects by developers and the various leading companies that have settled there in recent years. If you want to move to a city in Belgium where you can find work, housing and a quality social life, then Charleroi is the ideal city to move to. Plan your relocation faster, arrange all your documents and valuables and our company will take care of transporting your possessions to the highest level.