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First plane flight – How to prepare?

International travel always involves the choice of an appropriate mode of transportation. While the borders of neighboring countries can be crossed by car or coach, a trip to more distant countries in this way could be uneconomical or even impossible. Flying by plane is undoubtedly a fast and convenient way to cover thousands of kilometers, but it can raise some concerns, especially if you have never traveled this way before. What time should you be at the airport? What kind of luggage should we bring with us? You can find answers to these and other questions in the article below.

What kind of luggage to take with you on the plane?

When all the matters concerning your vacation or move to another country have been sorted out, and the plane ticket has already been bought, it’s the right time to think about packing. Most airlines, especially the cheaper ones, allow you to take one carry-on bag for free. For checked baggage, that is, baggage that travels separately in the cargo hold, we generally have to pay extra. Information on prices, allowable dimensions, and the weight of suitcases can be found on the carriers’ websites.

You can board the plane with one hand luggage. There are specific rules about what you can and cannot take into the cabin with you. It is forbidden to bring items commonly considered dangerous and pose a fire risk. As for cosmetics, it is allowed to carry them in special containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml, additionally enclosed in transparent packaging. You will also find detailed recommendations for carry-on luggage on the website of your chosen airline.

Check-in – what time to be at the airport?

Since flying is a popular form of travel, we may encounter a whole crowd of people at the airport. For this reason, it is important to arrive early enough to avoid hassle and get through check-in in time. As a rule, it is safest to arrive 2 hours before departure.

The check-in itself, even though it is feared by many, is not so scary. After finding out which counter we should go to (the information is displayed on monitors), we need to show our ID and check in our checked baggage. When there are no contraindications to this, we will receive a boarding pass with a number assigned to our luggage. In the absence of queues, the whole thing should go quite smoothly.

Airplane flight – how to cope with the pressure?

After passing the check-in, boarding the plane, and taking the seat assigned on the boarding pass, all that remains is to listen to the crew’s instructions and wait for takeoff. The moment of taking to the air and landing can be challenging for some people, as the pressure in the cabin clogs the ears. The best way to combat this problem is to chew gum. That will allow your ears to unclog and make the flight more pleasant. Yawning and swallowing saliva are also helpful in equalizing the pressure.