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How does one live in Hanover, the “City of Exhibitions”?

An important city in Germany and Europe, Hanover has a long history and many leisure activities for those living in Hanover to explore. Explore this northern German city, its transport system, culture and much more below.

Interesting facts about Hannover and its surroundings

With a population of over half a million, Hanover is the capital of the state of Lower Saxony and its location on the River Leine provides it with fantastic transport links.

Trade fairs such as the Hanover Fair and CeBIT are held in Hanover every year, earning the city the nickname “City of Exhibitions”.

Culture and leisure in Saxony

Hanover is a city of great historical significance, which is reflected in many of the city’s major monuments. The Historical Museum presents Hannover’s long history in great detail, including the city’s connections with the British royal family.

Hanover has many museums and galleries worth visiting, the largest of which is the National Museum of Lower Saxony, showcasing European art dating back to the 11th century. Newcomers to Hannover may also want to visit the Sprengel Museum, which displays works from the 20th century and is one of Germany’s best-known cultural institutions. The Long Museum Night and the Zinnober Kunstvolkslauf are two of the most important dates in Hannover’s cultural calendar.

As one of the world’s leading cities for exhibitions, Hannover often witnesses a large influx of delegates attending events such as the Hannover Fair, Domotex and Ligna. Millions of people come to Hanover every year for the Maschsee festivals, and Hanover’s Oktoberfest is the second largest in the world.