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What to do before moving house to Hannover?

As one of the main cities hosting major exhibitions, Hannover can be an attractive place to live for anyone involved in the commercial industry. But the city has much to offer expats, regardless of their chosen field. Everything you need to know about moving to Hannover can be found on our blog.

Attractions of Hannover

There are many opportunities in terms of education. The city has a medical school and several good universities. The presence of many large green areas, such as forests and extensive parks, makes Hannover an attractive place to live. The people of Hannover are friendly and hospitable and are used to the large influx of people who come to the city.

About Hannover

Approximately 500,000 people call Hannover their home, and the city is fairly flat due to the river on which it lies. Hannover’s population has remained steady over the past 50 years, after the city enjoyed a large increase in people moving there after World War II.

Languages spoken in Hannover

The local language is German, but many people living in the city also speak English well, especially young people, students. In many places in the city you will find signs in both German and English.

Climate in Hannover

There is an oceanic climate according to the Köppen climate classification, which means warm summers and cool winters.

Summer temperatures are around 25°C, although they can be as high as 35°C in July and August. Winters in Hanover are wet and cold, and the temperature does not usually drop below 0 degrees.

What to do before moving house?

As with anywhere in Germany, the same relocation rules apply as to Berlin, Dortmund or Essen. Plan your trip well, look for a place to live, work. It is important that your move goes smoothly and without complications. The removal company will do it for you, and you won’t wonder if your belongings will arrive without damage.