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How to plan your move to Amersfoort?

Are you planning to move to Amersfoort? Thanks to its central location, Amersfoort is an attractive city to live in. It is also a city of growth, which means that it is the economic centre of the region with very favourable conditions for companies and employees. Amersfoort won the title of ‘Europe’s Greenest City’ in 2006 and 2007, and this is because the city has a strong policy of nature conservation around the city and because it is situated on the Utrecht Ridge.

Moving from abroad

People who are moving to Amersfoort from abroad and who will be living in the Netherlands for more than four months in the next six months must make an appointment. Then, within 5 days of arriving in Amersfoort, you must report to the municipal office with your identity card and residence permit, and your birth certificate (or marriage certificate). At the municipal office, you will also need proof of your residence in the Netherlands, such as a tenancy agreement or a purchase contract.

Registering when you move

If you move to Amersfoort, you must register your address under Dutch law between 28 days before and 5 days after your move with the municipality. You can do this using a form on the municipality’s website, but not without your DigiD. If you have a dog, declare it and start paying the dog tax. Anyone aged 16 or over can report their move to the local authority. People who are in a registered civil partnership or marriage can also do this for each other. However, in some cases the council will ask for additional information. For example, if you are moving with someone or if you are moving to a care institution in Amersfoort.

Moving costs

There are removal companies in the Amersfoort area. By comparing removal companies you can reduce the cost of your move to Amersfoort. The price of a removal company in Amersfoort depends of course on what you need. One carrier with a van costs around 70 euros per hour. A one-day move can cost around €800 if you are moving within Amersfoort. If you are moving from outside Amersfoort, transport costs will be added to this. You can also pay for storage of your belongings. This will cost a few tens of euros per month.