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Is moving to Dresden with your family a good idea?

Is moving to Dresden with your family a good idea?

Living in Dresden can be an experience full of culture, not least because of the numerous sights located throughout the city. Dresden has a good transport system, so discovering the sights in the city during the day or commuting to work should not be a problem.

Culture and leisure

As the capital of the Free State of Saxony and one of the largest cities in eastern Germany, Dresden has been an important cultural centre throughout its history. It was home to many artists and musicians, such as Otto Dix and Richard Strauss, and still has one of the best opera companies in Germany. It has a major art museum, the Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden, as well as many smaller art galleries and science museums.

Dresden also has a thriving film scene, and as well as large cinemas, there are also many small independent cinemas where you can watch cult and independent films. As the greenest city in Germany, Dresden has a large number of green spaces and parks, as well as the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Elbe Valley. Dresden is home to a local football team, Dynamo Dresden, which plays in the third division of German football.

Education in Dresden

Although Germany has a system of free public schools that foreigners can use, many expats living in Dresden send their children to international schools where they can be taught in English. Expats living in Dresden are pleased to learn that the international school located in the city, Dresden International School, is highly rated. This school provides a curriculum in English and allows students to take the International Baccalaureate, as well as the BIP Kreativitätsgrundschule, where instruction is provided in German, French, Arabic and English.

Transport in Dresden

The road system in Germany is very well managed and maintained, which is particularly evident in Dresden. Although there are no taxes on the roads, including the motorway, petrol prices are much higher than in many other European countries because petrol is taxed to cover the cost of the road system.

Expatriates living in Dresden can legally drive for six months with a foreign driving licence, after which they must apply for a German driving licence. As Dresden is an important transport hub in eastern Germany, it has excellent transport links – numerous buses and trams run from the city, as well as intercity and suburban trains.