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Leipzig, the city to move to

Leipzigs, the city to move to

There is plenty to discover and do in this Saxon city. During the summer months, the Arena am Panometer hosts many outdoor events. The city centre also has plenty of bars, restaurants and pubs to offer. In the Panometer, you can enjoy gigantic panoramas. Climbing up to the Monument to the Battle of the Nations offers a fantastic view of the city. The Monument to the Battle of the Nations commemorates the largest battle in world history. At one time 600,000 soldiers were involved. The lake in front of the monument is a symbol of the tears that were shed for them. It is called the “Lake of Tears of Fallen Soldiers”.

History of Leipzig

The city is situated in a lowland bay where opencast lignite mining has left deep scars. For this reason, there are few lakes and forests. During opencast lignite mining, large areas were deforested and waterways were diverted. Nevertheless, the soil is very fertile. In terms of landscape, Leipzig has many rivers and many green meadows and wooded areas. People who like to spend time in nature will enjoy long walks, bicycle tours or hiking. We also recommend a canoe trip on the Weißen-Elster.

Moving to Leipzig

If you have come to Leipzig as a student and would like to live in the city centre due to its proximity to the university, you can do so for quite an affordable price. The city offers many affordable studios, rooms and shared flats in old Wilhelminian-style buildings with nice staircases, high rooms and stuccoed ceilings. Unlike other large cities in Germany, living in Leipzig is still affordable. Popular residential areas in the centre are Schleußig and Südvorstadt. However, those who do not plan to move directly to Leipzig but prefer the suburbs and surrounding areas also have a wide range of choices.

Places to live near Leipzig

In Markkleeberg, quality of life comes first. A beautiful county town with an equally beautiful landscape. Markkleeberg lies south of Leipzig and is approximately 10 km away. The town, with about 25,000 inhabitants, lies right between two lakes, Lake Cospuden and Lake Markkleeberg. There are also two parks located here: Cospudener Park and Markkleeberg Canoe Park.

About 15 km away is the town of Schkeuditz, with 18,000 inhabitants. It is the preferred residential area for those who want to be within walking distance of Leipzig’s city centre, yet still want to live in a slightly quieter neighbourhood. Schkeuditz is known for its many lakes, such as Lake Kulkwitz and Lake Schladitz. Water skiing, kite surfing, camping and beaches, all this Schkeuditz offers. If you like silence and greenery, this is the place for you.

Other preferred places to live near Leipzig are the town of Taucha, 10 kilometres away, with 15,000 inhabitants, and the town of Markranstädt, 13 kilometres away, with 16,000 inhabitants. Both towns are within walking distance of Leipzig and offer both small town life and a quieter country life.