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Moving from England to the Netherlands with a dog or cat

When you move, you want to have the things that are most precious to you with you. Moving with your pet (such as a dog or cat) from England to the Netherlands doesn’t have to be difficult.

Moving from the UK to the Netherlands with a dog or cat

When moving by air, in some cases your pet may act as your luggage, but in most cases they will be placed in the cargo. Animals go into special cargo compartments that are heated and kept at normal air pressure.

When you move from England to the Netherlands with your pet, there are a few rules to follow. For example, dogs, cats and ferrets must be vaccinated against rabies. The rules that apply to you depend on the type of animal you are bringing to the Netherlands and which country you come from.

Rules that you must observe when moving to the Netherlands with your pets

  • Minimum age: The animal must be at least 15 weeks old;
  • Compulsory vaccination against rabies: at 12 weeks of age;
  • After vaccination, you must wait 21 days before bringing your pet to the Netherlands;
  • A chip and passport is required for pets.

If you are travelling with more than five animals, you must have a document confirming that the animals are going with you and are not for sale. Pet trafficking is a serious matter and services want to make sure that these are your pets to live with.

“Moving” your dog from the UK to the Netherlands

Are you moving your dog to the Netherlands? Remember to register and chip your dog two weeks after you arrive. You can do this with your local vet. If your dog gets lost, you can then find it and bring it back to your address in the Netherlands. If you are going to bring your pet back to the UK, you will need to make sure that the rabies vaccinations are up to date.

Moving to the Netherlands with another animal

If you are moving to the Netherlands with a rabbit, small rodent, bird, fish, amphibian or reptile, you will need a certificate from a vet.

If you have unusual (atypical) animals, get help from the Department of Environmental Protection and Wildlife Management (Bezuidenhoutseweg 73.PO Box 20401, 2500 EK The Hague) to get a permit before you travel. Otherwise your animal will not be allowed entry, even if you show the appropriate documentation.