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Moving to Breda, “the pearl of the south”

Moving to Breda is very popular with students and Braband residents who want to move to the big city. In this article we will help you with various issues.

Moving to Breda

Are you planning to move to Breda but already live in the Netherlands? Then you should follow the standard procedure when moving. You can register your new address with the Breda City Council exactly 4 weeks before you move. You can do this if you are at least 16 years old. You have until 5 days after the move to pass this on. Within 5 working days after the move, your details will be corrected and can be checked at You need your DigiD for this.

Moving from abroad

It may not seem very popular at first glance, but there are people who move to Breda from abroad. You have to register in the Netherlands within 5 days of moving, as do your partner and children. Here you can make an appointment through the Breda City Hall. It is then advisable to go to the city hall well prepared and take the relevant documents with you. If they are not in English, German, Spanish or French, they must be translated by a sworn translator. The following documents must also have been issued within the last three years:

  • Birth certificates or marriage certificates
  • Valid travel document
  • Valid identity card or passport.

Removal costs

What is the cost of moving within Breda or to Breda? This depends on several factors, such as hiring a removal company, but also on the amount of things that still need to be packed and dismantled by the removal company. You can save money on your move by comparing several removal companies.

Moving house

Are you moving to Breda? Most removal companies charge around €400 to hire 2 movers with a van for 3-4 hours. Hiring a removal lift can cost around 100 euros, depending on the removal company. So for a whole day, you’ll spend around 700 euros if the movers “only” help you with large furniture, it usually can’t be easily disassembled when you have to go down the stairs. Of course, the costs become much higher when the removal company has to come to you and transport your items from somewhere in the Netherlands other than Breda. Call-out fees, transport costs (per kilometre) and per hour of work will be charged extra, making you pay more.