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Moving to college – How to cope in a new place?

Starting college is an important chapter in life. Sometimes, to fulfill the dream of their coveted university, young students are forced to leave the family nest and move to another city and sometimes even another country. Starting university is a big event itself, and adding the move can feel a bit overwhelming. A new city, strange people… How to cope with all this?

How to plan a move?

To make everything succeed without complications, and the removal does not spend your sleep, it is necessary to start from the beginning – to arrange a plan. Having a ready scheme of action everything will go much more smoothly and will save unnecessary stress caused by last-minute action.

First of all, create a list of things you will take with you. That will make the whole packing process easier and guarantee that you won’t forget anything. As a rule, young students decide on renting a dormitory or apartment that is already equipped. That allows them to forgo transporting furniture, which saves them an extra penny. Traveling with less luggage is not only cheaper but also easier – so it’s worth ensuring that you take only the essentials with you to your new place of residence.

How to find your way in a foreign city?

The move has passed successfully, things are unpacked, and the dean’s office has just sent the schedule of classes for the current semester. Sounds nice, but what next? 

The matter is much simpler if we have a friend on the spot. A close friend will help us quickly acclimate to the new city, show us the neighborhood and introduce us to their friends. However, if we are doomed to ourselves at first, it is necessary to start from scratch. It’s a good idea to get to know the city better – for this purpose you can go on a tour of the area. Your first destination should be nearby stores, pharmacies, and bus stops. Familiarize yourself with the timetable and see how you will get to different parts of the city – including, of course, your university.

People are very important in life, so try to talk to them as much as possible. Sooner or later, loneliness will start to get to everyone. So don’t allow yourself to be alone for long periods. You can make friends anywhere – the easiest way is to start at the university.

How to cope with homesickness?

Although moving on your own is an exciting and long-awaited event for many, everyone will start to feel homesick for their family home at some point. That is a normal feeling, but at times it can be extremely discomforting. How to cope with it?

First of all, keep in constant contact with your family. In today’s era of smartphones, this is not difficult – all it takes is one message or phone call to feel the closeness of another person again. If you miss your old house you can decorate your new place similarly. Take with you your old bedding, pillows, and furnishings, which can be sentimental. That will make you feel better, more at ease, and more comfortable.