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Moving to Zwolle, what should you know?

The capital Overijssel has always been a Hanseatic city. This can be seen at every turn walking through the city. The centre has a medieval atmosphere with the gates and city walls still intact. Medieval, however, does not necessarily mean old-fashioned. Indeed, Zwolle proves us otherwise! The city is very attractive for students, entrepreneurs and creative people. Zwolle has numerous trendy shops, nice restaurants and interesting cultural events. In short, moving to Zwolle is an interesting option.

Moving to Zwolle: Museum de Fundatie

If you are a big fan of museums, then Museum de Fundatie is reason enough to move to Zwolle. Museum de Fundatie owns and manages a huge collection of visual arts. There is something for everyone here. So you can see art dating back to the late Middle Ages, but modern contemporary art is also presented here. In addition to the permanent collection, the museum presents changing exhibitions every three months. Moreover, the architecture of the museum is a real feast for the eye. You can call yourself lucky if you have found a house near De Fundatie.

Moving to Zwolle: Sassenpoort

Zwolle’s city walls are already beautiful, but the Sassenpoort within those walls is really the icing on the cake. This old gate was built at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries and acted as part of the city’s defence at the time. Characteristic of Sassenpoort is the charming little pointed bell tower.

Moving to Zwolle: Peperbus

Our Lady’s Tower is a Gothic tower in the centre of Zwolle. If you drive into Zwolle you can see it immediately. The tower is 75 metres high and you can really see it from far away. You can also look at the city from above. One way to do this is to climb the Peperbus. It is 236 steps up and you can enjoy a beautiful view of your new city.

Registering a change of address

If you want to move to Zwolle from another city in the Netherlands you need to register a change of address. You can do this online using your DigiD. Once you have submitted your change of address information, you will be automatically de-registered from your current municipality.

Individual relocation

Moving house can be time-consuming and stressful. If you have decided to move to Zwolle, look for a removal company that operates in the Netherlands. Choose a removal company to make sure you don’t forget anything and that your big move goes smoothly. Your belongings will be best taken care of by a professional team, while you take care of the other formalities related to the move.

Moving company

It is important to choose the right removal company if you want to move to Zwolle. To do this, compare removal companies and ask for quotes from several of them. Think about the removal offer that best suits your needs and find the right company. After that, you will have more time needed to get to know your new home and the area.